Planta Greenhouse Time Lapse!! (2021)

What Could You Light Up With a 60 Watt Solar Panel?

When people talk about changing to solar energy for their house, pictures can come to the mind of a huge amount of panels on the roof and a big electrical switch unit with inverters and batteries. Complete electrical solar power systems purchased in shops and installed by them can easily cost you 8000 dollars. A high investment, which scares off a lot of people. Consider to start with smaller investments.

Ways of Financing Solar Projects

Some utilities pay more for electricity produced in certified renewable plants like a solar photovoltaic power plant than in facilities run on fossil fuels. Premium can rise up to 60% over market price.

Get Organized and Go Green

This year Earth Day is on Friday, April 22nd. Are you ready to participate? It’s easy to make a positive impact on the environment for yourself and future generations, if you are organized.

10 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Tips for making your home more eco-friendly. Learn how you can easily lessen your family’s environmental impact.

Savior of Water Resources: The Use of Rain Barrels

70% of the Earth is made up of water. Whenever it rains, have you ever thought of utilizing it? Although rainwater may seem dirty or not the best choice for potable water, it can really substitute most of our water needs. And what better way to save rainwater than to make use of rain barrels.

Three Important Steps in Planning Your Spring Eco-Garden

Now is the time of year for some people to start thinking about the spring preparations for your Eco-garden. Mother Nature will kindly supply us with the sun and the rain, but it is up to us to take the proper steps in ensuring that our gardens are functioning in environmentally sound ways.

Stashing Recyclables Without the Mess

Sorting and recycling trash plays a role in keeping our homes organized and preserving the environment. Yet finding an attractive and convenient way to temporarily store our recyclable items until garbage day can be challenging. Here are some ideas to camouflage the piles of cans, glass bottles and plastic containers in your home.

Growing Earthworms – An Unusual Home Business Model That Works Like Crazy

I wanted to find ways to reduce my household garbage and recycle vegetable scraps using earthworms, and discovered the perfect solution in by feeding Earthworms and creating Compost. It’s not hard to do, just about anyone can do it, one garbage bin at a time.

Top House Generator Alternative Power Resources

Alternative energy is everywhere around us and it’s possible to use it in many different ways. An example that can be sited is one that is driven by photovoltaic cells called the solar power which in time can get more advanced and affordable. Solar energy power can be used as a house generator for electricity, heating, and making hot water plus…

5 Tips For Green Living Today

Do you want to do your part in saving Mother Earth? If you think that you need to do grand things like save the whales or fight forest fires to make a difference, you should know that you can simply follow some of the tips for green living that I have included in this article.

What Is Composting?

In this article I will quickly answer a few questions you may have about composting. First I’ll cover what compost is exactly, then I’ll discuss how to have your compost pile come out rich and earthy.

Factors That May Affect Your Purchase of a Compost Bin

A compost bin is a useful tool in composting. Finding the right one is very essential if you want to be successful in your composting. There are a lot of garden compost bins that you can choose from it can be wood, plastic, mesh, static, covered, spinning, rolling, and many more types, it depends to you which do you think will be more beneficial for your composting activity.

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