Meet the Farmer Bakers! From Grain to Sourdough Bread!

Do You Know That Opposites Attract in a Miniature Fairy Garden?

Have you ever wondered how the professional designers create beautiful miniature gardens? Do you make sketches in your mind of their final designs in hopes of planting a garden with classic combinations? One of the secrets to their gardening style is that when it comes to texture… opposites attract!

Cancer Causing Products – Top 10 Cancer Causing Products In Your Home

There are unfortunately a lot of products in our homes that often contain carcinogens. Here’s the list of the top 10 cancer causing products that you should avoid having in your home.

Switching to a Green Roof Design

The concepts and benefits of green roof construction are beginning to be more and more widely known by folks in forward thinking communities. This new method of covering the top portion of a house or residential building has become increasingly popular both because of its important ecological benefits but also due to the major energy savings and heat preservation capacities. However, another aspect of the green roof design has been drawing the attention of real estate agents and interested homeowners nowadays and this is the overall value of the structure which ultimately increases as a result of such modern day construction methods.

Green Roofs – A Great Thermal and Noise Insulator

There are many benefits to installing a green roof, but this article will be based on the thermal and noise factors. Even though most people think of the countryside, when they first think of roofs covered with plant and flowers, more and more such roofs are beginning to appear in urban areas, as their inhabitants realize what tremendous difference they can make thermal and noise-wise. The plant and flowers found on a roof act as a thermal insulator, making the house more comfortable. This blanket of plants will keep the temperature in your house constant, allowing you to enjoy a cooler home during summer and a warmer one during winter.

Green Cleaning – Get Rid Of Viruses And Bacteria Safely

Coughing, sneezing, vomiting, diarrhea and a runny nose are all evidence that the body is ridding itself of disease causing viruses or bacteria. While eliminating viruses and bacteria is part of the healing process, it is also why it is so easy for a sick person to contaminate the places they touch. The most common so-called “stomach flu” is caused by noroviruses.

5 Common Sewage Treatment Plant Questions

When it comes to small sewage treatment plants, it seems that we only need to know a about them when we absolutely have to. For most of us, we don’t have to face thinking about the logistics of a sewage treatment plant, but for others, it can be a pressing issue that requires plenty of consideration.

Organic Gardening – An Introduction To Greener Landscaping

The term ‘organic’ is simply defined as “any substance that, whether derived from the processes of life or not, contains carbon atoms arranged in a particular way”. Believe it or not, that includes plastic!

Going Green and Composting at Home

We have been vegetable gardening for about 3 years now, and have been composting for a while. Composting is a great way to use your kitchen waste and make great compost to make those vegetables grow and produce bumper crops. It does not have to cost you anything. You can make a composting bin from any large tub you may fine. So read the article and give it a try.

Home Waste Management – A Preoccupation for All Families

As industries world wide are increasingly concerned about the impact of their manufacturing processes on the environment and are constantly investing in more environmentally friendly production processes, households are also bearing the responsibility of maintaining a clean and healthy environment by making sure that their rubbish is managed properly. Waste management at home is important not only because of the need for a clean environment, but also because of that of a good health of the family. Anyway, as you can imagine, home waste management looks very different from waste management at construction sites and manufacturing factories, although the same principles apply.

How to Find an Eco-Friendly General Contractor

Eco-Friendly construction is the next big thing in construction. Over 60% of people looking for a general contractor say they want a green contractor. But how do you find a eco-friendly contractor? Here are some quick tips just for you.

Solar Garden Accent Lighting

Beautiful solar powered garden accents will help provide that dusk to dawn touch in keeping your outdoor flower gardens unique. No wiring needed makes it easy to rearrange solar accents into multiple different settings for creativity.

Domestic and Industrial Ecology in Orlando

Environmentalism has become one of the most researched topics and in the past years the city of Orlando in Florida has made considerable changes in industry and economy to promote eco-friendliness. The many alarm signals drawn by biologists have made authorities realize that many sectors put a strain on natural resources that switching to the green way of life is the solution for a sustainable future. In Orlando, industrial and economic changes have also led to changes in the lifestyle of residents, who have started to be more ecologically aware as well. Whether it is through minor domestic changes or industrial-scale changes, Orlando is slowly, but steadily, becoming one of the most eco-friendly areas in the United States.

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