I Foraged 100% of My Food for a Month! (BuzzFeed Short Film)

For one month I foraged 100% of my food. No grocery stores, no restaurants and not even a garden!
Every. Single. Bite.
Nature was my garden, my pantry and my pharmacy.
Now I’m here to share the story with you and help YOU reconnect with Earth and gain food freedom!

The 9 days of preparation began August 29th, 2022. The month of eating 100% foraged food was September 9th – October 9th (late summer and early fall).

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It’s the dream of millions. To “live off the land” and never have to take a trip to the grocery store. And through the pandemic more and more Americans have experienced the instability of our food system and desire to break free.
But is it possible to break free? I am here to show that it is.

Filmed and Edited by Daniel Troia
Special thanks to Daniel Troia, Ethan Harris, Carly Fulton, Belle Brown and Sebastiano Pestoni for your support.

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For the last 30 days I have foraged 100 Of my food every single bite that's Right for one whole month I only ate Food that I harvested from the wild Nature has been my garden my pantry and My Pharmacy I foraged in Wild Spaces Rural Countryside Urban streets and Parks neglected patches of front yard Everywhere that I found food growing as I began to prepare for the month I knew That I would have to sources to harvest All of my big knees and I gave myself Only nine days to prepare to start I Harvested wild rice as my main calorie Source I harvested over 30 pounds of Rice in just one day which would keep me Going for the entire month I harvested Apples pears and plums to make hearty Applesauce and pear sauce I harvested High vitamin fruits like Autumn Berry And aronia and Papas in Ohio that really Satisfied my sweet tooth I harvested a Variety of different Wild Greens like Stinging nettle over a dozen medicinal Herbs for teas mushrooms for sustenance And Medicine nuts like Hickory nuts Chestnuts and black walnuts and just Important was Flavor so I harvested Spices like Wild Onion wild chives and Mustard and even my Wild Water from Springs now you might be wondering what About the protein well that's where I Was really hoping to find a deer that Had been hit by a car over one million

Deer are hit by cars every year in the United States alone and many of them are Killed so finding a deer actually came Really easily eating a deer from the Side of the road might sound kind of Crazy to a lot of you but it's actually A lot easier to tell if the deer is Still good or not it provided so much Nourishment for the whole month my Greatest struggle was harvesting enough Fat I caught some fish and I harvested Nuts and there's some fat on the deer But ultimately I fell short of Harvesting enough fat my other struggle Was just having the flavor in my meals I Have to say a pot of soup or a meal Without any salt or oil it's really hard To achieve the flavor even with all of The herbs and spices in there a lot of My meals were ultimately kind of bland And I was struggling with just sometimes Even wanting to eat it was day 19 that That changed I arrived at the Atlantic Ocean and after 19 days without salt Harvested my salt and all of a sudden All these flavors that had been in the Pot all along were there and I could Taste them and it was glorious the Highest moment of the entire month was Definitely that first meal with salt and Then on day 27 I managed to make oil for The first time and this was using Hickory nuts to make my oil that 100 The land the flavor of that was just wow

With every single bite a typical meal Was wild rice cooked in fish broth with Venison applesauce mixed in different Berries loaded with a blended herb mix That I made sea salt from the ocean Fresh wild chives and Wild Onion seeds And sauteed greens I came away from the Month having lost about five pounds Which to be honest for not having any Junk food no ice cream none of the Convenience processed foods from the Grocery store well that's about to be Expected foraging is about reconnecting And getting to know the land the land That was stolen from the Native Americans foraging was even criminalized Through no trespassing laws specifically Against folks of color making it nearly Impossible to live a life that was Connected deeply to the Earth as I Foraged from Wisconsin all the way to Washington DC I led plant walks bringing Others out to help them to reconnect With the Earth and to see that there is Actually such thing as a free lunch in Fact there are hundreds of free lunches Growing all around us my name is Rob Greenfield and I'm an environmental Activist who is known for taking on Extreme Adventures that are designed to Raise awareness about the most important Issues of our time