I don’t need less, I need more (Health Update Follow Up)

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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video You said you all didn't mind me just Sitting on the floor and talking to the Camera so that is what we're doing today So last week I made a health update Video and honestly I am very overwhelmed By the amount of support from everyone Just really a lot of kindness that I Wasn't expecting just thank you thank You so much for all the comments and Messages just really really wasn't what I was expecting so it was just It um it really made a difference so Thank you even though I do feel alone at Times with my chronic illness it kind of I know it's gonna sound so silly but it Really does Help me to know that there are people Rooting for me getting better but I do Want to address a few things that I Found reading through the comment Section just because I think some things Were taken out of context or Misunderstood or just not Understood so I want to be really clear I guess I was a really sick kid and then When I became a teenager around like 15 16 I started getting stomach problems my Stomach problems started happening after I took a drug called Accutane to clear Up acne I had very cystic acne on my Face and since then I have had steadily

Worse stomach problems I think the Accutane was the starting point and I Think that my stomach is the root cause For a lot of the things I'm seeing now When I was 17 right before I left home I Became super interested in Sustainability and just Health stuff I Read everything I could get my hands on I still do it's something I'm very Passionate about that's why I'm so Passionate about growing my own food I Really believe that food can make a Difference that food can heal that our Food is nutritionally devoid and that is The reason why I am super interested in Growing our own food I'm super Interested in soil health I'm super Interested in testing our soil and doing Different things to it I'm super Interested in all that stuff because I Think nutrition matters now I just want To mention here I went vegan at 17. and Maybe it was more plant-based Whole Foods plant-based because I have always Worn thrifted leather and I have always Worn thrifted wool bought wool I make it Last a really long time and that has More to do with sustainability than it Does with veganism so I'm more Plant-based and I understand that now I'm more plant-based than anything Anyways I came across veganism Plant-based food did raw vegan stuff did Fruitarian stuff

Did herbal stuff did everything I could Come across that would be a healing diet This means that I have done pretty much Every plant-based diet you can think of In the last 17 years so McDougall I did That Um raw vegan did that fruitarianism did That juicing did that did everything That I could find did low FODMAP Just did a lot I've done so much and Just an idea here the reason why a lot Of these more restricted diets that Eliminate a lot of stuff work is because You're coming from a diet like a Standard American diet with junk food And whatever in it and you're suddenly On a healthier diet that's a bit more Restricted and so your body's like ooh Ah this is this is exactly what I needed You know more Whole Foods but if you're Coming from already a Whole Foods diet Onto a more restricted diet it doesn't Really do the same thing unless you've Identified an allergen or something That's triggering one of your symptoms Otherwise you're just on a more Restricted diet and the reason why a lot Of holistic doctors and just gurus Health gurus out there will be like Juicing will help you or they'll cure This or this will heal this or the this Diet will heal this and increase your Longitivity of your life the reason why They say those things and people are

Like oh I feel so good is because of the Diet they're coming from suddenly their Bodies can be like oh whoa this is a lot Of good stuff by me going from Restricted diet to restricted diet and They were all already clean diets it Didn't do much So restricting my diet more which has Happened because of the symptoms of the Ulcers Because everything hurts It just doesn't help me a whole lot Honestly at this point the only thing I Am interested in is feeding my body food It can tolerate and digest that doesn't Hurt it and that's nutritionally dense Because I don't need less stuff in my Diet I need more stuff in my diet that I Can tolerate I did the reverse of what a Lot of people do I did the holistic Stuff for more than a decade before I Took pharmaceutical drugs That means I exhausted everything else It didn't help and so I went to doctors And I also want to point out something Here I had a number of comments with People telling me that If they haven't found anything it's all In my head and that I need a Psychologist or a therapist and not a Doctor Who a lot to unpack there but one is That The amount of people who have told

Chronically ill people that it's in Their head in the beginning is just huge Also the amount of doctors who tell Women who are chronically ill that They're not ill that is in their head That it's their period just A large amount so just telling someone That is so invalidating just so heavily Invalidating also from the last video I Never said that they didn't find Anything I'm just tired of being Misdiagnosed we know I have ulcers in my Small intestine we know and because of The location a colonoscopy and an Endoscopy can't get to it and they will Not give me a pill cam because the pill Cam will get stuck they have told me This so they have given me heavy duty Steroids Anti-inflammatories and Ulcer medication That have all worked at varying times The anti-inflammatories and the ulcer Medication has worked the most The really heavy duty steroids worked at Times but were really hard to take They're hard to take and so even though Something works for a while doesn't mean It works indefinitely there are also Other tests where things are very Visible like cysts and blood loss and Anemia and B12 deficiency they're very Very clearly showing up my ansonophils Are high there's just there's a lot on

Tests it's there we can tell why I'm Sick We're just trying to figure out what it Is that's making me sick they thought I Had Crohn's disease then it was Retracted and so even though the Medication works They don't know what it is I have Chocolate CIS I have the tinnitus I have The ulcers I have the dizziness and We're just trying to connect things Together or figure out if things are Completely separate but that's really Hard to do when you get either doctors Who misdiagnose you with Meniere's Disease which I do not have Or you get doctors that diagnose you Then retract it and so it's honestly That entire video was just me being Frustrated that this happens but what I Really want to get at here is that you Should not tell chronically ill people That it's in their head because the Amount of times that's been told to People who actually have something going On is a large amount and I've read all The books like the body keeps score I've Read everything this what's going on With my body is not not in my head It's actually happening it's actually Showing up on tests but what I hope is That if you messaged me or left me a Comment saying that They haven't found anything because it's

All in my head yet I have tests that Show there's something there I hope you don't say that to other People who are chronically ill because The entire medical system Gaslights people like that who are Actually ill who actually have things Going on And it may take years to find out what's Going on with chronically ill people it Could take years for me I mean I only Started looking and working with doctors Four years ago It's not a long time considering the Pandemic changed everything in the Medical system so everything's so much Slower now you're just really adding to That negativity and chronically ill People don't need that they really Really don't and I just hope that you Don't hurt people like that and just Coming off that I received so many Messages and so many comments from People who are going through the same Thing I'm going through in the medical System Just gaslighting doctors and knowing Something is wrong and getting tests and The doctors just don't do anything with It this is really common and it's Disturbing how common it is because We're all hurting And nothing's being done about it and so How how invalidating is that to to be

Going through that I uh I wish none of us had to go through Any of this I wish our system was set up Better to help people and instead It's not it's not and then you have to Deal with the people who tell you what's In your head You go through so much already and then You have to deal with that I'm so sorry To all the people who have to go through Similar to what I'm going through or Have gone through it because I've Received messages from people who have An actual diagnosis now but who had to Go through hell just to get that Diagnosis or it took them 10 years to Get an actual diagnosis how just like That's so hard that is so hard I'm so Sorry But thank you for writing all those Comments because it does make a Difference because I know I know since other people have fought so Hard to find out what's going on and Haven't given up then Like I'm not gonna give up either it's Just I know it's hard it's hard but if Other people have gone through the hard That all go through the hard too and Just stemming from that I had several People tell me that I should be filming Videos on the days I'm sick because it Looks like I'm not sick on some of my Videos even though I am sick and so

Therefore to balance things out I should Film when I'm sick because otherwise it Looks like I'm completing a bunch of Stuff in my garden or working really Hard or cooking from scratch but it Doesn't look like I'm sick if I don't Show that I'm sick I have always been Upfront very very honest That I'm chronically ill just very Honest I have videos of me ending my Days with my heating pad Joseph has to Step into my videos more to end some Videos because I'm sick and he'll say I'm sick Me working in my garden is one of the Things that keeps me going it's one of The things that gives me joy when I'm in My garden I'm in my garden on the good Days I do not film on the bad days if I Film when I'm sick on the really really Bad days I will not just be making not a great Video it will not be a good video I do Not have the energy to film on bad days I don't have the energy to do anything On the bad days and even if I sit in my Bed in film it will not be a good video Because That energy going into making that video Should be going into me feeling better And healing but not only that if I film A video on my bad days when I'm super Sick I will be exploiting myself

Completely I will be forcing myself to Film on a bad day when I don't want to When I am super sick there are lots of Other YouTube channels where they talk About their chronic illness it is very Very much part of their lives they show That That is not what I wanted this YouTube Channel to be about I never wanted this YouTube channel to be about me being Chronically ill it may be part of my Life it's part of my everyday life But it's not something that I'm going to talk about more than I Already am talking about it because even Though it is part of my life And it's real and it is there and it Affects everything which I talk about It is not the It is not my everything It's not even in my top five Everything's it is not something that Makes me me and it is not what makes This channel this channel I do Everything I do despite being Chronically ill despite it because I won't let it win I will not let this Win but I never compare myself to other Chronically ill people and say whoa they Can do all of this and I can't because There definitely are I I know Chronically ill people who do so much More in their Gardens or have so much More money than I do and can do so much

More I know people who have put up like Extensive greenhouses and Gardens in Less than a year and just that's because They have money They do so much more than I can do they Do So much more than I'm able to do But I I'm not going to compare myself to Them because they're living a completely Different Life than mine I think that when you Start comparing your chronic illness and Your ability to do things with someone Else's then the message gets lost I hope That doesn't come off as too harsh I Just don't want people comparing Themselves to me Because if I try to compare myself to Other people I just feel bad honestly Like I just feel bad I don't have enough Money I don't have a big enough property I don't have a big enough Garden I'm Chronically ill and I don't get help for A lot of stuff so I just do what I can Do all our lives are different And if you want to support people who Are chronically ill And you want to give them support in Some way just don't compare them to Other chronically ill people and if You're chronically ill don't compare Yourself to me because we're all just Doing Our best and honestly sometimes I push

Myself quite a bit I push myself a lot I Push myself because Those are the days I feel The most alive I am so passionate about What I do And if I'm going to use up all my energy On something It's gonna it's gonna be what I'm Passionate about it will be gardening it Will be preserving stuff I'm going to do That stuff because that's what that's What makes me me If I stop doing that then get worried I Think I covered most of what I wanted to Say involving comments but I do want to Say again just just thank you for all The support because it does make a Difference and I do I do see you I do See you And thank you I hope this video made Sense as a follow-up video even though You may not agree with it I hope I covered enough in this video I Always feel like if I over explain Myself that people will understand Things better and understand where I'm Coming from better but honestly I I now Know that it doesn't matter how much I Explain there will always be people who Just don't understand And I am honestly okay with that thank You for watching get dirty stay magical Peace bye