HUGE Clean Up in the Garden… and other stuff 🪴

Cleaning up in the garden and talking about the garden and chaos gardening!

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[Music] Foreign [Music] S and welcome back to another video in Today's video it sure feels like spring The garlic is looking really really good And the rest of my garden looks a mess All these Lions have to be buried and so We're going to be doing that pretty soon Because it just gets harder as things Grow up around them so it's better to Put them in right away I have a lot To clean up and I don't really touch Very much in the garden see all those Leaves over there I don't touch all that I don't touch it until about June to be Honest and I do that because there are So many pollinators and cocoons and you Know toads under all those leaves and so I don't disturb them I don't touch them At all I don't rake them I don't do Anything because one it's great compost Leaves are just going to go back into The dirt these are going to decompose Throughout the year and I don't really Have to worry about them and two if you Remove the leaves you're going to Disturb those pollinators in any Biodiversity of insects or other things Or other animals in your garden and so You don't really want to do that I don't Know if you remember me saying this but During the fall I said I was going to Leave everything that had self-seeded

For the winter months and I figured that Because a lot of it was annual they Would die during the winter and I Wouldn't have to worry about it it would Just go back into the dirt what I didn't Account for was climate change and Climate change has definitely affected The area we are in what I keep seeing is It keeps getting milder in the winter to The point where we barely have a winter Anymore there's barely any snow when the Snow does come it's gone within a few Days so I have annuals that are still Alive see that right there that's Lettuce I have Lettuce everywhere lettuce that was Completely unprotected it is self-seeded Into the pathway and I left it because It should have died and it did not die Instead it is back it is growing it has Definitely grown even more from a week Ago last time I came and checked it Technically I could leave this and we'll Eat it I don't know if I'm going to Leave it I'm honestly more of a chaotic Gardener at this point I will fling Seeds places like last year I did that I Will plant so much together and just Hope for the best I over plant because You never know what will succumb to Animals and I plant just things all Together I plant basil with tomatoes Next to beans I don't really care about the rules I

Just let it do its thing [Music] Dance [Music] I know I try To make It But at the same time Oh love is hard to find [Music] I remember last year someone messaged me Or commented or something she was local To me she wasn't one of my neighbors she Was like a few Towns over or something And she said that her neighbor has a Backyard like mine and that she is Worried about selling her house because Her property value will go down because Of what they did to their backyard and It was such a weird thing a weird Message to send someone and I don't Think I really don't think I have Affected anyone's property values around Me because they like know if anything I've improved this property now that I've said that I'm just gonna bring up Another thing someone said they wanted To know if my last Garden at our first House that we bought I gardened the Entire backyard same as here and they Wanted to know if it affected the Property value and what ended up Happening was our realtor told me to Leave everything the way it was I wasn't

Allowed to touch a single plant I wasn't Allowed to touch anything to bring it With me and we left everything ripped Everything out every single plant and Put down rolls of grass that's what they Did and so I know that is most likely What would happen to this Garden here And I'm you know so pretty okay with That because the next time if we ever Move I'm taking up a lot of plants to Take with me and I'm going to put that Into whatever agreement that I take Plants and I know that most people are Just gonna unroll grass here it doesn't Make a difference if you have a garden Or not it doesn't affect the property Value at all people just put down grass They don't care so just want to say Again here my garden doesn't affect Property values we built a six foot tall Fence so that you don't have to look at It if you don't want to but also even Though I chaotically Garden it looks Pretty good in my opinion maybe it looks Unkept to some people but we eat Everything from it and so it works for Us and if you are worried about your Garden affecting your property value if You sell your house I just don't think You have to worry about that maybe in Some locations it would but I feel like Just most people most people Unfortunately are just going to put Grass all over it it doesn't make a

Difference they just see kind of a blank Slate where they just can put grass all Over everything it is unfortunate Because you put so much work into Something over years we've been here for Four Springs now I've put so much work Into this garden and I just keep going And for someone else it's just going to Look like something they can put a ton Of grass seed on or you know rolls of Grass and I'm I'm I'm okay with that You know I'm okay with that because Somewhere out there if we ever moved There would be someone's lawn which they Meticulously took care of and I would See a blank slate because I would just Put a garden over it [Music] Is [Music] We are cleaning the shed party people All my trays all the stuff I save I save All our strawberry baskets for tomatoes When I sell them All of these they say I even go into People's Recycling and save them it's a Problem Joseph asked why we're doing This we're doing this because we love Each other very much You gonna help What We found this pot in the woods And we brought it home for the kids to Play with

[Applause] Your pot Put in the sandpit for you Trying to get in here Galaxy is hard at work she's putting all Of these in a bag for me so I don't lose Them anymore because they end up Everywhere and they end up part of the Sandpit Creations too Are you excited for spring gym very Excited for spring how are you feeling Feel pretty good yeah yeah spring it's Nice I actually don't need a jacket on Yeah I'm gonna take one off I'm warm Warm it up good it's getting hot in here It's getting hot in here and the summer Furniture is now out and their Playhouse Is now Over here and this is all chalked by Them and I don't know what the rmd Stands for at all that is it for today's Video just a bit of a spring cleanup Really excited for spring really excited For the summer really excited to start Growing get dirty stay magical piece bye