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How to Feel Good About Wearing Out a Battery

These are not your father’s cordless devices. Advances in battery technology have made today’s rechargeable batteries lighter, stronger and longer lasting than last year’s models. There is however a giant step to be taken prior to really being called “green.”

Does One Person Going Green Really Help the Environment?

The old saying “How can one person make a difference?” means everything when it comes to going green. If you are concerned about the environment and feeling that you cannot make a difference remember it has to start somewhere. Don’t let yourself be discouraged because you can make the difference in the environment but going green within your household.

Planting Tres to Achieve Agricultural Sustainability and Better Farming Livelihoods

Plant trees, tree huggers and many other slogans have been going around lately. The public’s attention has recently been shifted to the earth’s ecosystem and its abuse. Global warming and other documentaries and books have given the movement a jumpstart. We need to save the planet, we are running out of trees and resources, have been the latest thoughts on minds of those who are somewhat conscious of the current problem.

Solar Energy – Our Government’s Involvement

Recently Google shelved plans for their ambitious solar thermal energy project that offered a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to coal powered energy. The thermal solar energy project is one of many renewable energy projects that the company has infested.

5 Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lighting is taking over from CFLs as the preferred energy-saving lighting method. Here are five reasons why LED wins out over CFLs every time.

Green Up Your Home

With the cost of heating and lighting you home getting ever more expensive, now could be a great time to get green. Even if you’ve not yet woken up to the need to do it for the environment, rising costs may yet be the push that gets you started. If you are looking to improve your current home then there are some fairly simple, low budget, areas in which to start.

Solar Array Panels: Did You Know That Installing Solar Array Panels Can Be Completed In A Weekend?

Installing a set of solar array panels now makes more sense than ever before. With the newest technology and government grants, a bank of panels can now pay for itself within five years. Why not read more about these amazing advances for yourself?

Introduction of Solar Energy

Sunrise and sunset are one of the most beautiful scenes you have ever seen with your beautiful eyes, and I bet you will never get bored seeing these over and over every day at dawn and dusk. The sun is now beyond beauty because the scientists have exploited the invisible sunlight to create a dependable alternative energy source “Solar energy” to serve the human kind, and give them a better world to live in.

Installing Solar Panels – Is It Worth the Cost?

We installed a 3.0Kw solar array in June 2011. Our power bills each quarter were between $750 to $900 and rising. We are a household of 4 and run a home office, pool pump and occasionally air-conditioning in winter for heating and in summer for cooling. The house had low voltage downlights throughout. We live in a sub-tropical location, so appliances for winter heating and summer cooling are needed only a few days per year. Our constantly rising electricity bills were becoming a real concern.

How Green Are Your Products?

Rising concern with climate change and global warming has created an awareness and preference to use green products. But do you know how green your products are? There are two levels to assess a green product – how it was made and its impact on the environment during and after use or application. A green product not only poses no threat to the environment or people, it also has direct and indirect positive benefits on the environment.

Alternatives To Down: Eco-Friendly Natural Living Bedding

Everywhere you look, it seems like more people today are consciously making an effort to live greener lives. We recycle, reduce and reuse, take shorter showers and turn off lights, television and electrical appliances when no one is using them. Now eco-friendly, earth saving habits can extend into our sleeping hours too. Buying eco-friendly bedding is a great way to “green” your home.

Non Woven Shopping Bags: The Major Advantages

For the past years that non woven shopping bags became popular to many consumers and being used in the supermarkets, reduction of wastes in the environment has been visible. The different advantages of non woven shopping bags are truly instruments in making people aware of what is happening around the planet.

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