Foraging walk with Rob Greenfield and Eric Joseph Lewis

Discover Organic Gardening The Easy Way With Aquaponics

Most of us have been taught that planting in the ground is the way to grow food. That is how we have been growing food for thousands of years. Mostly because that is the only way we have know how to do it. Growing plants in the ground is actually a difficult way to grow food and in many ways we are working against nature.

How Does a Wind Powered Generator Work?

A wind power generator is a new alternative source of energy. It has been created to provide a safe and eco-friendly source of energy to those individuals who want to help save the environment while being able to save on cost as well. Wind power generators make use of a renewable source of energy which is the wind; this makes it an ideal energy source to many people.

Buy Solar Panels: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

As the economy continues to look bleak and talk of a “planet revolution” encircles the globe… many are turning to an option that is the best of both worlds. By utilizing solar electricity families are able to not only save money but also help the environment.

How to Recondition Rechargeable Batteries – Deep Cycle Battery Maintenance

To make home energy generation cost-effective it will pay dividends if you learn how to recondition rechargeable batteries, and pay attention to correct deep cycle battery maintenance. The following 5 tips should help you to achieve this.

Basic Concept of Magnetic Power Generators

A Magnetic Power Generator is a device in which electricity is generated by using magnets, magnetic force to induce the perpetual motion. The electricity generated with the magnetic power depends upon the strength of the magnets, which are used in the equipment. The generated electricity is absolutely free and is safe for the environment as well.

How to Maintain Rechargeable Batteries – Deep Cycle Battery Charging

Deep cycle batteries are a form of lead-acid battery that is specially designed to provide a steady current over a long period of time. Unlike their automotive cousin, they do not suffer ill effects from repeated deep charge depletion. Due to the way they are constructed they should be treated differently than an automotive lead-acid, or starting battery. So what is the correct way to perform deep cycle battery charging?

Magnetic Energy Generator: The Best Energy Alternative

Have you ever imagined that you can generate your own energy from your home? Have you ever thought that there is a product that can help you create electrical energy? Well, it may come to your mind solar or wind energy as alternatives.

Do Magnetic Power Generators Work?

Have you have been looking for a solution to cut down your electricity bill? Do you want to get energy at home for free? Well, magnetic power generator is what you need.

Things That Can Be Reused

Recycling has been around for decades. But why does its fruit does not show anything yet? The answer is because ordinary folks do not appreciate the relevance of recycling or maybe they are uninformed.

I Learned to Pay Attention to Mosquito Control in Rain Barrel Reviews!

I’ve been reading rain barrel reviews lately since I’m thinking of putting one on the side of our house. I don’t know why, but it never occurred to me that in addition to capturing all that lovely water that Mother Nature is supplying, I would also be creating the most perfect environment for a Mosquito Factory Extraordinaire!

How To Make Your Home An Eco Energy Home

The world today is fast using up all it’s resources. The pace at witch we are using the resources is faster than it’s being replenished. Water is becoming very scarce in most areas and other resources are also becoming hard to come by. By turning your home into a Eco Energy home you will help to save our natural resources.

Top Five Advantages of Solar Panels

Solar panels are crucial in producing electricity with the help of sun’s energy. Promoting the concept of “Go Green” technology, they are responsible for harnessing the solar energy in the most effective manner and supporting the entire household with power needs.

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