Food Security: Picking Huckleberries & Winter Greens

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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video We're out in the garden gonna be showing You some stuff going to be picking Huckleberries today we had to wait for It to frost in order to pick our garden Huckleberries it's been a really really Long wait we are picking today so let's Go let's go check on the greenhouses So we've had a few days now of Frost And this is what things look like So this is the arugula it's really Really full right now looking pretty Good I don't think the frost harmed it Too badly Look pretty good this is my romaine Lettuce over here and I'm actually going To be harvesting all the good leaves off This tomorrow because I've been selling Greens from my greenhouses miner's Lettuce is looking beautiful miner's Lettuce is great because it is very Frost tardy so we're gonna be eating This for a while right here lots and Lots of spring onions I've actually been Selling spring onions out of here and Some of them get very very big so people Really seem to like that they like big Bulbs at the end of their spring onions And I can charge a bit more because they Look so good no puny spring onions here Like the grocery store no I give nice Big bunches with nice bulbs at the end Let's check the other Greenhouse

So both of these greenhouses are Unheated I have not been heating them I Don't plan on heating them lots of kale In here it got touched by Frost because I came in here the other day and there Was Frost all over them so it does get Cold in here but it also does heat up a Bit faster than in the actual Garden so I have some nice lettuce in here nice Bunches check out the size of this Radish this is such a huge radish let's Take a look at it oh my goodness Check out the size of this radish isn't That beautiful we do have a few bug Holes on this one so I'm going to be Cutting it up and cutting off the bug Holes and seeing how deep they go we'll Be eating this but just huge absolutely Huge and also have some radishes over Here and they're quite big as well as You can see and yes I have been selling Quite a few radishes but to be honest I Prefer to barter or trade with people so A lot of my produce coming out of here I Barter and trade with other people for Things they have that we need and I Honestly just prefer that because with Everything going on in the world right Now with the price of food going up in Stores so the price of everything going Up in stores I'd rather just not touch Money I just I don't like money that Much I mean we all need money but I if I Can trade with someone I would rather do

That than exchange money so this year I Grew Garden huckleberries I'll put the Exact Latin name right here on the Screen I started them indoors I grew a Lot of them I planted them out at the Beach beginning of May and they just Took off some of them got six to eight Feet in height even though they're only Supposed to be about two feet tall so They got very very big I'll include a Picture right here of what they looked Like in the summer really cool and now We are finally picking them after it's Frosted because they're supposed to be Sweeter [Music] This is very very cold and I can't Really do this in gloves because they're Very delicate Not that much fun honestly for these I Think we waited just a little bit too Long it frosted got really really super Cold and now it's warmed up again this Is the first warm day we've had to pick Them because it was really just too cold Before and now they're kind of getting Kind of getting a little mushy so a Little bit mushy I'm hoping they're Still good we're gonna try and Um we'll have to sort through them and See which ones look really good and Which ones are just too mushy to use I Already know this camera is not going to Do the color Justice it is such a

Magenta sort of purple Royal Purple it Is so cool Stained before we keep picking we're Just going to bring in these ones see How they taste after I cook them and Then go back out and pick more if it Actually tastes good so this is kind of A taste test video we've never grown These before it has taken a long time Just to get to the point where we pick Them let's see if it was worth it all Right so we have these berries picked And I'm about to put them on the stove I'm going to be adding some sugar and Probably some orange juice because I Have some clementines on the counter That I can squeeze and we'll see how This turns out okay we are cooking away Here and now we're gonna mash them to Release all those yummy juices I'm just Straining it now Hoping to get some nice syrup [Music] [Applause] [Music] It has honestly been such a long time to Get to now when we're making stuff with The huckleberries I started those plants In March 2022 it's now December 2022. it has been a long run to Get to this And so finally seeing what I grew and if It tastes any good such a journey such a Long time to even figure out if we like

Something I grew in such a large Quantity so if we don't like it of Course I'm not going to be growing it Again but just such a long time To even find out if we like something or Not all right just to note I have not Tried it Joseph is going to be the first One to try it Smells good That's pretty damn good Um that's really good You like it is it a winner Should we grow them again You need to come get dirty and harvest With us yes you are okay All right so we made pancakes to go with Our syrup and we're gonna try them out Pretty What do you think good [Music] Well it turned out the huckleberries Were a success so now I have to go pick All the other huckleberries that we have And it's a lot of huckleberries to pick I have all of these Huckleberries to tick oh my goodness so Much and I really have to pick all of Them as soon as possible today maybe Tomorrow because it keeps fluctuating in Temperature it gets really cold gets Warm it gets cold it's going to make the Berries really mushy because they're Already getting mushy all right almost The end of the day here going to the

Greenhouse to pick greens to barter with [Music] Foreign Lots of white snowball radishes Sometimes called I believe a Japanese Parsnip really cool [Music] And that is it for today's video I hope You liked today's video please hit like And subscribe get dirty see magical Peace bye