Diverting 320,000 Pounds of Food Scraps by Bike!


Save Our Environment – Don’t Burn Trash In Your Outdoor Fire Pit

I’ll burn just a little trash you tell yourself. It won’t make a difference to burn just this little amount. The impact of open burning on the environment and human health is well recognized today. Not only are you adding to the growing level of pollution and greenhouse gases that threaten to change life as we know it on a global scale, you’re also putting you and your family’s immediate personal health at risk.

Wise Water Use Is a Collective Responsibility

Water conservation is a necessity as demand for fresh water increases. Learn what you can do everyday to be a steward of wise water use.

Some Glaziers Have Joined The Ranks Of London Merchants Who Have Gone Green

Many Londoners do not know what to do with their old windows, when they need to be replaced. You can’t just take them down to the recycling centre, like an empty wine bottle. Read on to learn how London glaziers are doing their part to ensure that Window glass is recycled and put to good use.

5 Tips To Purify Your Home Before The New Year

New Year symbolizes a new beginning in our life. It is a time when the past ills are discarded and every effort is made to have a sparkling clean start. This new year, don’t just clean your house with a broom and mop. Go further and surround the inside environment with purity and a pleasing sense of smell, sight and health. If you are wondering how to go about it, read on to find five tips to purify your home before the New Year.

Understanding the California Building Code – California Green Code (CALGreen) 2013

Each year, California makes revisions to its building code through supplements and errata; every three years, California releases the major revisions to the California Building Code (CBC). The 2013 CBC goes into effect January 1, 2014 and represents a major revision. This article explains the pertinent elements of the section of the CBC called the California Green Building Standards Code, referred to as CALGreen, that originally went into effect on January 1, 2011, and reviews the major revisions that begin in January 2014.

How to Start Your Own Junk Removal Business

Do you have your own truck? Do you have number of friends who consistently ask you to help them move or haul away old couches? If you said yes to the above, and are in the market for a new job, the junk removal industry might be just what you are looking for.

Common Accidents When Working With Tree Chippers

Before we launch into the list of accidents that are prone to occurring when workers are using tree chippers, we should start by saying that fatalities from these sorts incidents are not common. Even so, injuries can be quite common and they are often the result of the worker not following the rules. Chippers are actually relatively safe pieces of equipment – they have been designed to be this way – and the chance of accident should be relatively low.

Green Residential Cleaning Business: Clean Your Home!

Keeping your home clean is no easy task and if you fall behind it can be difficult to catch up. A residential cleaning business can help you to take care of your home so that you do not have to worry about too many chores after you get home for the day. There are cleaning businesses that use green cleaning products to help keep your home sparkling without using any harsh chemicals.

Eco Friendly London: 2 Tips For Going Green In The Old Smoke

London is a city that’s made several changes recently to reduce their environmental impact. Read on to learn how the city’s been making big changes to their vehicles and buildings, and what regular Londoners can do to make their own homes more green.

A Short History of Allotments

You have probably seen allotments darted around the country. Allotments are perfect for you to grow your own fruit and vegetables and many people love nothing more than to spend a few hours preening and perfecting theirs. However do you know the history of allotments? Our article explains more.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling – What On Earth Is That?

With so much emphasis on “going green” by advocates in society today, many homeowners are exploring alternative methods of cutting energy consumption and reducing their carbon imprint in the world around them. One option a homeowner might consider is geothermal heating and cooling.

Make Sure Your Shipping Container Living Environment Is Safe

Today, retired shipping containers are used for almost every type of living environment you can imagine. But remember, shipping containers were never intended to live in; you need to be aware of and take precautions against potential hazards lurking inside. The fixes are simple and the results are priceless.

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