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How to Produce Free Electricity Using a Zero Point Generator

It is time to find out how you can finally eliminate your electric bill for good. You can do this using Zero point energy. It is the energy that exists at absolute zero temperature.

Solar Garden Gnomes

The new movie Gnomeo and Juliet is a new entry in the Romeo and Juliet series. It features some garden gnomes who fall in love but have to overcome all those obstacles that life throws our way. This article is not really about the movie, but about garden gnomes. People have been collecting garden gnomes for years, but now you can have them with solar lights.

Why Home Owners Should Consider Home Automation – The Main Reasons

Home automation may seem like a thing of the future, but the reality is that it is now much more accessible and affordable to the average home owner than ever before. Do you need more reasons for making your home automated? Take a look at the complete range of benefits you and your family will enjoy?

Considering Magnetic Home Use Generators To Save On Electricity Bills

If you’re looking to purchase, loan or even build a generator for home or business use, do consider getting a magnetic generator. It is not as daunting or difficult as many deem it to be, calling it a high school science project. I will admit, it does and is a scientific project, but let us take a look at it this way – this project has a very good purpose and chance of using a freely available magnetic forces to generate low cost electricity for you.

Solar Power Cost Facts

Electricity today has become one of the most widely used energy sources in the world and is now one of our required necessities. All new modern conveniences have been invented for use with electricity and to help man live easier in his surroundings. In order to help reduce the effects of using fossil fuels to produce electricity, solar power generation in homes and businesses is increasing due to the demand for cleaner and renewable forms of energy.

Methods Pertaining to An Environment Friendly Dwelling

Double-glazed windows have long been proven to save about 20% off your yearly heating costs. Nonetheless, always make sure your house comes with a decent ventilation…

Converting To Renewable Energy, Why Aren’t We All?

My big question is, with all the global warming, ozone depletion, total crap you see pouring out of chimneys and smokestacks, why aren’t more people converting to some sort of renewable energy? Could it be that their stuck in some sort of comfort zone?, or is it that there plain and simply just afraid to change? I hope people will start taking their blinders off and soon!

Natural Weed Killer

More and more people are becoming aware and concerned for our environment which has created a growing demand for natural weed killers. “Go green” horticultural companies have developed safe and effective products which are available at nurseries and hardware stores. Today’s enlightened gardeners are turning back to the old, proven, natural weed killers their grandparents used to eliminate weeds in their gardens.

Generate Your Own Electricity

If you’ve ever had to pay a very high energy bill, the idea of generating free electricity sounds like a dream. The idea that we can get around depending on the the giant power companies for our energy supply is a very interesting one.

Hidden Treasures of Straw Bale Housing – Discover The Earths Beauty and Efficiency

Why Straw Bale Houses Are A Good Choice? Straw Bale Houses seem to be the rave of sustainable construction lately. With everyone thinking of going green so are the construction specialists. There is a lot of buzz about the invasion of green houses in different parts of the country. The green houses that we are going to discuss in this article are the straw bale houses. Straw Bale Houses Certainly are coming to the forefront of sustainable building, design and construction. What was once a dream can now be a reality! You too can learn how to build a straw bale home in no time flat. With so many ways to implement this building material such as…

Solar Cell Homes

Electricity is a very crucial commodity in the lives of many people today. The demand for electricity has been on the rise with the increasing population and with the growth experienced in the world economy. Other sources of energy such as oil and coal and other fossil fuels have been providing a means of generating electricity.

Save Water, Save Money!

Something that tends to be overlooked if you are trying to make your life more eco-friendly is the water you use every single day. Making use of a bamboo towel is beneficial, but for anyone who is wasting 100 gallons of water to take your morning shower something needs to change. Below are a number of points you may want to take a look at in your residence to see if you can save water.

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