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7 Uses for Old Newspaper

Recycling newspaper is more than putting it in the recycling bin on trash day. There are many uses for old newspaper, from cleaning and packing to freshening closets and smelly shoes. Think outside of the recycling box and find new uses for old newspaper.

Cloth Vs Paper – Using Cloth Napkins Every Day

The cloth vs. paper napkin debate has been raging since the introduction of disposable napkins. Each side has viable pros and cons. Using cloth napkins every day is becoming more popular in the era of going green, and can be implemented with a little creativity but not a lot of cash.

How To Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Looking to become more eco-friendly? Unfamiliar with where to start, and don’t understand the terms? You don’t need to worry. Once you get to know the terminology, you too can decrease your very own carbon footprint.You’ll first need to learn precisely what is meant by a carbon footprint. Simply put, it is a way to measure the specific impact your activities have on the environment. It pertains to climate change, more exclusively. It relates to the level of greenhouse gases we produce everyday while burning fossil fuels, to be exact. Electricity, heating your house, the transportation you use and other related activities and tasks are all what it relates to.Now that you understand its definition, let’s look at some ways you can reduce your own carbon footprint. The initial thing you need to considering doing is examine what products you’re using.You should think about purchasing food that is either organic or “fair trade,” because it will be easier to make certain it was grown in a manner that is environmentally friendly. You also need to take note of the way products are packaged. In this instance, less is better.

Better For Your Environment And Your Home: Recycled Glass Countertops

Recycled glass countertops are great for the environment. They are also wonderful for making the home look good and are not hard to install, especially when built with overlays rather than a full demolition option.

Wood Stove Fans Improve Stove Efficiency And Save Firewood

A wood stove fan is a simple yet effective way to get a little more warmth from your existing wood stove. Modern stoves are designed to burn wood efficiently, yet they can only transfer heat to the room through radiation and convection directly to the air surrounding the stove. A wood stove fan improves air circulation around the stove and helps project warm air further into your living space.

12 Easy Ways To Organize Your Decorating By Using “Green” Ideas This Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, this is a good time to start organizing your decorating and thinking about how you intend to decorate for the holidays. Have you considered going “green” this year? Here are some easy suggestions you can use to help out the environment and save money at the same time.

Stop Helping The Power Companies Pollute – Power Your Entire Home With The Magnetic Power Generator

Imagine how much pollution is created by the constant need to power the millions of home. Now, imagine if there was a way for each and every house to power itself completely eliminating the need for the power company. Today you can finally stop helping the power companies pollute the environment by getting your very own Magnetic Power Generator. This new easy to use and amazingly efficient electric power generator is 100% safe and can be made from items available at most home improvement store. And, most importantly – it will help you save hundreds of dollars every month!

Going Green – Top 10 Green Housing Trends

People are more interested in “Going Green” than ever since it is not only the best way to protect the planet but also a great way to save money. Technology continues to create new and better ways of using less energy, particularly when it comes to energy use in the home. While people are taking advantage of some of the energy-saving products that have become available to them, there are some that are more popular than others.

Wood Fuel Energy Efficiency

What are the Best Firewood Logs for Burning? When people decide to make the move to a wood-burning heating source, or even decide to take a closer look at the firewood logs they already use, one of the first questions they ask themselves is “Which logs are the best logs for burning?”

Go Green Take Care Of Your Trees – 5 Steps To Stay Green

It is time to go and stay green. Take care of your trees with the help of professional tree service organization.

How to Deal With Extra Trash That You Pile Up – On Hiring a Dumpster

The main rationale of the dumpster is to carry away all unnecessary items at very affordable cost in your area and offer you a free space to enjoy. We sometimes encounter with the problem of over piling than the tonnage specified in the terms and conditions stated by the dumpster rental provider. These situations calls for unnecessary arguments between you and service provider about the tonnage loaded which ultimately removes both from the good books of each other. This article targets on explaining the proper prior care that has to be taken in order stop you from shooting up with such problems.

Packaging and Shipping Green This Holiday Season

One of the best ways we can cut down on landfill is by reusing packaging and shipping material. Here are some great ways we can do so this holiday season.

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