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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video We are talking about no spin challenge 2023 so let's go every year my family And I do a no spin challenge in January And you can all follow along with us as We go I like to do update videos I like To give you tips and tricks on how to do A no spin challenge if you are looking For other no spend Challenge videos I Actually have a playlist I'll include it Down below and you can check out all my No spend Challenge videos for Inspiration my family and I have been Doing no spend challenges for the past Seven years now and we are pretty much Pros at this point I think because we Have done it for months and years at a Time that means not having any breaks Just constant no spend challenge Basically when you do a no spend Challenge you are making sure that you Are sticking to your budget and you are Only buying what you absolutely need not Once this means you're paying your more Mortgage or your rent you're paying your Water and heating bills you're buying Your groceries if you're paying for Anything that is an absolute must but You are not going out and eating out Just because you want to you're not Going clothes shopping just because you Want to you're not buying another Lipstick just because you want to you

Are focusing on only what you need I Honestly find this challenge incredibly Helpful if you need to reset your Spending so if you are out of control if Your finances if you're in debt if you Find yourself going shopping a lot I Find this challenge works well is the Challenge difficult absolutely Especially in the beginning especially When you're just getting started but I Like to think that we are living proof That the no spend challenge gets easier And you don't have to do the no spin Challenge forever you don't have to do It for months at a time you don't have To do it for years at a time we just Decide to do that because we were trying To pay down debt as fast as possible my Family and I paid off more than 70k Worth of debt doing the no spend Challenge just because it is such a Focused way of budgeting and not Spending money and it just helps you Line up what you have to do to get to Where you want to go but you don't have To do the no spend challenge just to pay Down debt you can do it also to save Money for something you really really Want maybe a big ticket item like going On vacation you get to focus your money Where you want it to go rather than Spending it I do get asked quite a few Questions every year when we do the no Spin challenge though and I really think

It is best to sit yourself down and Create a budget that is the number one Thing you have to do before even Attempting a no spend challenge you need To create a budget you need to see where Your money needs to go not where you Want it to go if you have a partner who You share finances with definitely sit Them down and explain why you want to do The no spend Challenge and get a budget Together with them as well I find it Incredibly helpful to see exactly where My money is going and so listing Everything out on paper or on a computer Screen makes it very easy and sometimes You can be really surprised by what you Have listed like why do you have a gym Membership if you're only going once Every month why do you have a Spotify Account that you're paying for if you Don't listen to music that often why do You have Netflix if you really prefer to Watch Hulu or something else those are Just examples of where your money is Going where you may not want it to go Spending money is easy it's easy it's Almost sneaky the way you can spend Money on something and it catches up With you You just don't even notice that you're Spending money on so many different Things maybe so many different Memberships to accounts every single Month I also get asked how can you do a

No spend challenge if you have to buy Groceries if you have to put gas in your Car You can do a no spend challenge because You are focusing on not spending on any Wants just needs so gas in your car is Allowed groceries are allowed spending Money on your rent is allowed those are Needs you absolutely need to do those Things you absolutely need to go to a Doctor you absolutely need to fill up Your car with gas if you need to get to Work those are needs it's just the Excess you are trying to trim it's just The excess you are trying to get control Of and that honestly is the hard part it Is hard to tell yourself no when you Want something and so if you are Struggling with wanting a whole lot of Stuff especially with online shopping What I find to be very helpful is I just Put those things that I want on a list And I leave the list alone the entire Month and then at the end of the month At the end of the no spin challenge I Can go back and look at it and decide if I really wanted those things or not and It is very helpful to not go window Shopping or in stores during the no Spend challenge it's good to get a list Together and go grocery shopping you try To avoid temptation as much as you can You don't go online shopping For fun you don't go into stores for fun

You avoid doing those things you are Trying to break an addiction because Honestly it is very easy to get addicted To spending money it is fun to spend Money I'm not saying it's not fun it is A ton of fun to spend money on what you Want It is very very hard to stop spending Money on things you want this is not Easy it is difficult But if you can get through the challenge Let's say you want to go on vacation and You know you need to save and do a Three-month no spend challenge if you Can get through the first month it makes The next two months easier but more or Less just focus on the month of January Focus on doing a no spend challenge for The month of January just to reset Yourself and the way you spend money you Just really need to reevaluate your Finances you really need to reevaluate Where you're spending your money I find it just really incredibly helpful To have an honest conversation with Myself and my husband when we sit down And do no spend challenges the way I see It the no spin challenge is a boundary You set for yourself you are telling Yourself no I'm not going to spend this Money on that item no I'm going to focus On this this month this is what I am Doing this is my intention for the month I am either paying down debt or I'm

Saving money for something this is my Intention When you mess up on a no spend Challenge And you may mess up on the no spend Challenge get up And restart the next day that's all you Have to do you haven't messed up your Whole month by doing one thing what you Need to do is you need to focus on that Boundary you have set for yourself why Did you step around that boundary what Does that mean you really you really Need to think about yourself during this No spend Challenge and what you can do Realistically but also know how to honor Yourself why did you set that boundary What was your intention it gets very Interesting if you think about it maybe That was a little bit too deep but Really the no spin challenge is setting A boundary for yourself and you need to Honor that boundary if you have said it With intention and that is basically What the no spin challenge is let me Know down in the comments if you're Going to be joining us for our no spin Challenge 2023 for the month of January Again I have a playlist with a bunch of Different videos on there tips and Tricks and frugality tips on there and Also past update videos from no spend Challenges so really interesting to look At maybe might give you the Encouragement you need to do this for

Yourself and your finances get dirty Stay magical peace bye