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Getting A Good Solar Panel Installer – Top 6 Tips

ย  Solar panel companies are popping up all over the UK. I work in the industry for a price comparison website, so here are my thoughts on getting the best company for you. ย  Tip 1 – go with your gut feeling.

Which Roofs Are Best For Solar Panels?

So you’ve decided that you want to get a quote for solar panels, so that you can make an informed decision in terms of a cost-benefit analysis. Firstly, any good company ought to be prepared to come out to your property in order to give you a quote. The reason why you should expect them to do this is so that they can have a look at your roof specifically to give you the most accurate estimate possible for the earnings.

What Does Hemp Clothing Have To Do With Climate Change?

You know trees as heroes when it comes to sequestering carbon and combating climate change, but could hemp clothing challenge that reputation? As trees grow, they inhale carbon dioxide gas and convert it into carbon-based fibers, which locks up this greenhouse gas for as long as the tree is alive and growing. That’s carbon sequestration.

Go Small, Live Green

Small homes are the hot commodity on the green market today. See how the green home-building movement is growing and who is doing the building.

Frugal, Simple Living and Downsizing

Learn how simple living and home downsizing are branches of the same tree, with shared benefits and mutual goals. Here you’ll understand how the simple living movement affects us all and how controlling the size of your eco-footprint can lead to a better life.

The Many Environmental Benefits Of Choosing Organic Hemp Clothing

As an organic clothing textile, hemp comes loaded with environmental benefits that will leave you feeling really good about your green clothing purchase. It’s less toxic to produce, better for the soil and the climate, water-saving, land-preserving, and highly durable, making it the fabric that keeps on giving.

DIY Outdoor Solar Shower

The summer is here, the days are warm and we spend a lot more time outdoors. Outdoor solar showers are a great feature to install in our backyard. Not just your heating bill will go down considerably; also you will be doing a contribution to the environment. Solar showers rely on passive solar heating and gravity feed, which make them cheaper than installing a full photovoltaic solar system and easier to install.

Should You Install Solar Panels Yourself Or Get Quotes?

Buying solar power systems is a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They are a fantastic investment, but they are a very large one. The prices for photovoltaic solar panels start from about 6,000GBP to supply and install, and that is for a very small system.

How to Declutter and Get Rid of It!

Learn the ins and outs of decluttering in your quest to downsize your home and belongings! Quickly and efficiently ridding your house of unneeded items is easier than you think, and this article provides the best methods.

Downsize and Reduce Home Costs

The top benefit of home downsizing arguably is cost savings. Learn what these savings consist of and how they can prove most profitable, as well as what financial pitfalls to avoid when considering the downsizing option.

Take Green Living to a Whole New Level – Build Your Own Solar Panels Out of Used Building Materials

It’s common knowledge that generating electricity with solar and wind is a ‘green’ move but did you know we can take it one step further by using green building materials to build our own solar panels? Many people are now building their own solar panels and wind generators with instructions they are finding on the internet. By combining the effort to produce electricity for your family’s needs with building solar panels using recycled materials, we can take going green to a whole new level.

10 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Yard and Garden

Keeping up a desirable yard requires not only hard work, but it also consumes more water than you might think. More than half of the residential water used in a city goes to outdoor landscape watering. With droughts occurring around the country, and restrictions on watering being imposed in many places, it is especially urgent that we start conserving water. By following these 10 tips, you can make sure your garden stays cool and eco-friendly while saving you time and money.

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