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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video It is the last video of the no spin Challenge for 2023 so let's go I don't Know how you all did on the no spin Challenge but please let me know down in The comments how you did how you found It was it difficult was it super easy Did you meet the goals you wanted to Meet let me know I have to be honest for Us this has been one of the most Difficult no spin challenges I have Recorded here on YouTube in a January or In a November when you join us it has Been one of the most difficult no spend Challenges because of the economic Situation going on the inflation but Also because our family keeps getting Colds and strep and covid over and over And that has really made us have to go Out and buy medication we have ended up Spending 306 dollars on medication this Month because we just kept getting sick We got Ovid in October we got strep a Around Christmas the strep a didn't go Away so we needed medication for that Because it turned into a lung chest Thing and so all the medication for five People adds up and again I want to Clarify that here in Canada medication Still costs money and we're just really Lucky that my husband has insurance Through his work so things are a bit Cheaper but we still end up paying money

Out of pocket I know that's a really Privileged kind of statement to say Because I know what Healthcare is like In other countries especially the US and So for us we find it hard to have to pay 300 in medication in a month because It's a lot of money but for people in The U.S you're paying like a thousand Dollars and it's just like one I don't Know one Tylenol is something like 300 In a hospital I read and on top of that I ended up paying 96 dollars on dental Work emergency dental work because I was In so much pain pain it woke me up in The middle of the night and I don't take Painkillers usually but I needed to take Painkillers over the course of 24 hours And by that point I was like no I'm Going to go to a dentist and they did The emergency work so that's great but It still costs money and our insurance Did not cover all of that but all that Aside we ended up paying roughly 970 dollars this month on everything That includes food that includes gas and That includes medication all of that and That does not include our mortgage that Doesn't include our regular bills it Doesn't include the internet that Doesn't include insurance that doesn't Include anything so my point is things Have happened this month that I could Not predict and I didn't know we were Going to spend that much money but that

Is also why we do kind of the no spend Challenge all the time we do it with Very very short breaks in the year but We mainly live very carefully because You never know what's going to happen You never know you know what's going to Come up in terms of emergency expenses That said we still have fun with it we Still have fun and go out and do things That's when we have breaks on top of That we spent 150 on gas this month and The rest of it was on groceries and I Did go out and buy more groceries and I Want to explain why one because I can't Eat everything so what I can eat in our House is not a lot and so when I eat it It dwindles very very quickly and so Then I have to go out and buy more food For myself that I can eat that everyone Actually eats but it's some of the only Food I can eat and so I have to Replenish that food more often but I Have to say I stopped going in grocery Stores pretty much I would send Joseph With a list into the grocery store and In some cases he did Buy clearance food Items because it's a really hard habit To break but that said we eat everything That we find on clearance so it's not Like the food gets wasted but it did did Contribute to the overall expenditure For this month we also ended up buying a Bit more in groceries including those Clearance items because with the

Economic situation there's a lot of Uncertainty and I'm going to be really Honest I don't know what's going to Happen and so I would rather have a few Extra things on hand just in case rather Than not have it so I did stock up on a Few of the things that I can eat and Need to eat in order to be okay and so Stocking up on those items did cost Money so I would just rather have a few Extra than not have a few extra even Though I have talked about the pantry Challenge and why we do it and we Usually do it every single year we still Are doing it we are definitely eating Through all the garden preserved items All the food that came out of the garden That I froze or preserved or dehydrated Or freeze is dried we are eating through That because I need my jars back for This coming summer and we need the Freezer space for this coming summer so That's just something we have to do Every year regardless for the pantry Challenge I know in past years I've Really been like whoa we're gonna do This Pantry challenge we're gonna do it Uh this year I'm not as into it just Because of what I stated I just do not Know what's going to happen and it's That uncertainty I'm just going to be Honest it's the uncertainty that is Making me feel like I need to have a bit Extra and so if you feel that

Uncertainty and you have felt a bit you Know wary about doing the pantry Challenge you're not alone I have had That feeling all month even though we're Eating through our garden supplies I still feel that way and so that's why I I prefer to have a bit of a buffer Just in case just in case and with the Pantry challenge we have been doing Really well with one thing we've been Eating through all the food that we Really just don't like or I don't reach For all the time because we don't really Like it so we're eating through the food That I just don't reach for a lot so We're eating through some like really Questionable Vegan food products that Joseph picked Up and I froze he doesn't like them no One likes them I don't eat them and so We're going through them at a very slow Rate because when he sees an item on Clearance if it's like a vegan junk food Item he used to buy as much as he could Of it but not anymore not anymore now he Is now he doesn't do that which is a Good thing I think he's learned that Some things just don't he's learned that Not everything that's on clearance you Should by all of so that pretty much Wraps up our no spend challenge for January 2023 I do this every year it's Not very popular people don't want to do The no spin challenge I definitely find

That people don't like these videos as Much as my other videos but I do this Anyway because I think it helps people And that's more important to me than any Views and that is really it for the no Spend challenge again let me know down In the comments how you did did you do Really well this month did you find it Really hard like we did did you sell Something this month and make some money Let me know down in the comments I want You to know that if you could not do the No spin Challenge in a perfect way if Something came up like an emergency Expense know that you cannot control Everything life happens life happens to Us too it happens all the time we cannot Control everything but we can't control Where some of our money goes for example Wanted purchases we tend to limit those Just in in case something happens like This month we have the extra money Because we were careful this month and So we tend to be careful every month Just in case and so that we can save up Our money so that we can direct it where We want to go on larger purchases or Things we want to pay off or things we Want to do and so that is why we do the No spend Challenge and I really want to Thank everyone who has supported these No spend Challenge videos who has joined Us in the challenge it's been really Nice to have everyone join us every

January it's just a kind of neat Community sort of feel to know that You're not doing a challenge alone and So thank you all for joining us thank You all for watching these videos get Dirty see magical peace bye