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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video We are talking about finding moments of Happiness Finding moments of self-care Without spending money so let's go so This question came out of the YouTube Comments how do we find free fun how do We create these moments of escapism Without spending money so now we're into More than seven years of doing Pretty much continuous no spend Challenges with very little breaks and So we have basically had to create our Own fun or find free fun so just going Off the top of my head here I think There are about three different types of Fun we can look at here you have the Self-care escapism fun that you have Alone you have the fun that you can Spend with your family and you have the Time that you spend either with your Family or alone by yourself out of the House involved in community I find that For self-care and escapism by yourself You need to do things you like to do I Think trying to force yourself into Hobbies or doing things that you just Don't enjoy isn't going to help you Escape and isn't going to be a form of Self-care I personally find it kind of Funny when you see these photos or these Images or these videos of self-care and It's like a woman in a bath tub a bubble Bath having a glass of wine while

Listening to music that does not work on Me it wouldn't work on me I understand It can be someone's else's self-care but It's not personally my form of self-care And it just would not work as self-care Or escapism for me for me I find true Escapism or self-care in getting some Really good books from the library or Thrifting books but that does take money So let's go with the library you can Also get ebooks or audio books through Your library as well you can get videos And movies through your library it is a Free source that I find not enough People take advantage of you don't have To spend money on books you don't have To spend money on audiobooks or movies Or things like that go talk to your Library if they don't have the book You're looking for chances are they have The budget to bring that book in so that It can be at the library so you can read It if they don't know about it they Can't order it so you have to tell them For me reading books is it I have used Books as a form of escapism since I Learned to read I kind of clunked them I Kind of well let's get personal here I Kind of used books as an alternative World to live in while I was growing up I had to do that I did not Live in a perfect household you know I Used books to escape the reality I was Living in I I needed those books as a

Form of escapism To just get through what I was going Through And I think that a lot of people have Probably had that experience more than We talk about I am very thankful for Books and I'm very very thankful to the Authors who write them and these days I Read a lot of nonfiction I read about Homesteading I read about food I read Especially a lot about food I am so Passionate about food and dirt I read About dirt Soil Health stuff like that but I find The books really fascinating and I'm Passionate about it and I think everyone Can find books that they're passionate About if they enjoy reading books my Husband though his form of escapism is Not books I don't think he owns any books he Doesn't own any books none when I met Him he had two books that was it and he Hadn't read the books and so it was very Interesting because for me I had at the Time close to a thousand books that I Would pack up and move with me whenever I moved and His form of escapism and self-care is Just not books and it might not be yours Either and so for him what he likes to Do is he likes to download free games to His phone and play them for hours and

That is what he does every night I will Be sitting there reading my book Or reading about some paper on the Internet some research paper because I Like reading that I like data I like Reading a lot and he'll be on his phone Playing his game and we it is perfectly Fine to me he is happy I'm happy it Works and both things can be free so yes For me books are Passion books make Sense really love books really like Learning from books learning and Knowledge is power I like doing that for True self-care though for me it's being In nature I love walking in nature I can Walk in nature with my family I can go For a walk by myself in a forest and I Will be happy it takes me probably about 15 minutes to feel better but I find That trees are healing this has been Proven by scientists by the way trees And nature are healing it helps us Regulate ourselves better I think it Helps us think better it helps us be Better I find nature truly powerful though I Have to say that getting to Nature can Be challenging if you don't have a Backyard if you don't have a local park If your city has cut down all the trees And you just feel like it is a Barren Wasteland of buildings it can be Difficult to get to the nature outside That City in the area I live in

Personally 97 of the trees have been cut Down and 99 of the wetlands are gone and So there is not a lot here in terms of Nature and so it can be very very Difficult to find those pockets and I Have visited every single one at least 50 times by this point so if you are Having challenges finding nature to go To Parks places where nature hasn't been Touched as much You are not alone and we really need to Create more safe spaces for wildlife and For people to connect to Nature besides Free books and free games free movies Going out in nature stuff like that I Really do think that learning to cook is A great one of course some people don't Like learning to cook and they don't Like cooking in general so that would Not be a good one for you creating art With the supplies you already have on Hand so you're not going out and getting More supplies you're using what you Already have those sort of things use What you have create memories create art Or create really really good meals it's Just fun you can get into bird watching Which is also free plant hunting or Foraging really really cool I sometimes Just like finding plants and hunting Down plants hunting down plants to take Photos of them I don't Forge them I'm Just taking a photo of them and I find It to be a lot of fun you know how some

People go and use like Pokemon go to Find Pokemon that's not my thing I've Never been into it I can't do it but I Can hunt down really cool plants and Take a picture of them and to me that's Fun so you really kind of have to think About what you like to do and create fun Out of it in a free way moving on to Having friends with your family or your Partner or friends you consider family Whatever you can create memories with Your friends and have a good time and Have fun without spending money potlucks Are a ton of fun and I know it probably Sounds really really boring or really Really lame but I have been into Potlucks since I was probably about 18 And I moved out at 17 got into potlucks Around 18 because I made some friends They're a lot of fun you really get to See what people like to cook and you get To see what like different food tastes Like and sometimes in it's good and Sometimes it's not so good but usually It's pretty good because people know What will taste good and what they enjoy Cooking and they want to share good food With you and you can create themes Around it so like Lord of the Rings Themes or The Hobbit themes makes them Good like potato stuff for the hobbits I Don't know it makes sense to me bring Some good beer from like Middle Earth in There you can create some really cool

Fun stuff and themes are cool board Games board games you can get them from Your library you can get them from your Local community center you can borrow Them you can have friends bring them Settlers of Catan is one of my favorites Just a really good all-around game and Chess I absolutely love chess I find That playing board games with friends You can spend hours doing this you can Do it outside on a summer night you have The stars above you you have your Candles around you know you just Finished your potluck you're playing Your board games you're laughing your Talking there's music going all good fun I don't know it sounds sounds good to me This next suggestion kind of overlaps With things in the community you can do By yourself so I'm just going to put Everything together here you can go out Into your community and find free events They can be at your local community Center like yoga you don't pay anything Or you pay a donation fee or you pay a Minimal fee so you usually can find ways To not spend money there are free events At your community center there are free Events for the community especially in The summer time like free theater shows Free puppet shows free music shows where People can sit down in the park and Listen to free bands playing you can go To dancing in the streets where they

Close off the streets and people dance In the street there will be bands it's Really a lot of fun there are free Street festivals and you can go to these Festivals with your friends or your Family or their family that is friends And your friends and our family you can Go by yourself there's a lot to do in Your local community that your town or Your city pays for and so you do not Have to pay for it you do not get Charged at entrance fee you just get to Go and enjoy I find that not enough People realize that there are free Events usually going on in your town or City what you really have to do is look For those bulletin notices so those Sometimes happen in Facebook groups for Your town or your city or they can Happen at your community center on a Bulletin board but usually you can find Out what's going on in your town or city At any given time if you cannot get out Into your local community to do stuff For whatever reason I find that online Communities are very valuable I find That a lot of people don't give great Weight to online communities but you can Create communities where you're Skyping Each other or Zoom calling each other And there's like 15 of you and you're All talking about a passionate topic and You all know each other or form Friendships around that topic and that

Community is now yours and so online Creating online communities creating Online spaces creating online Friendships and families is very Important and you can do it I am Actively involved in a number of small Online communities that I actively Participate in and so I know these People they know me we talk and it's Just good to know that your community Your family your friends don't just have To be local to you you can be friends or Have a community anywhere but overall I Think that free fun free self-care free Escapism is about Simplicity it's about Enjoying what you already have you don't Have to go out and buy buy more you can Find things that are free that are just As valuable just as good as spending Money on them and so maybe your free Community event with the bands isn't Coachella but it is free it is good and Maybe you'll create some friendships There or have that Community feeling That you wouldn't have going to Coachella I've never been to Coachella I Don't have a want to go to Coachella Coachella it's just not something I find Value in I would rather find a unique Experience closer to me and so that's What I strive to do if Coachella is your Thing save up your money and go to Coachella because you know you're gonna Love it but if you're looking for

Something for free maybe what you have Locally can be good enough and so we Need to stop putting value on some Things in a monetary sort of way just Because something is free doesn't mean It's not any good and I really want to Double down here that enjoying what you Have is part of having fun for free if You have craft supplies of any sort if You have a pen and a pencil if you have A piece of paper you can create art if You have a kitchen and you have some Food and you enjoy cooking you can Create a meal if you have a backyard and You enjoy gardening create a garden I Have created Gardens for free it can be Done I know you can do it because I have Done it and so I believe that you can Create your own fun for free it might Not be your dream Garden it might not Look the same as other people's but My past Gardens that I built for free Were good enough and I love them your Fun doesn't have to cost a ton and it Doesn't have to look like other people's Fun for you to enjoy it and at the end Of the day you enjoying it is the key Here you have to find joy in what you Are doing I hope some of this resonated With you I hope it helps you in your no Spend challenge let me know how you're Doing on your no spend challenge down in The comments get dirty see magical peace Bye