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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video It's my sustainable holiday gift guide For 2022 so let's go every year I strive To find the most intentional sustainable Eco-friendly gifts to give all the gifts In this gift guide are sustainable Eco-friendly well made and I strive to Find things as locally as possible to me So most of these gifts come from North America even though my family's Sustainability may look different than Yours I hope you can find a gift on this List that resonates with you to give to A loved one and just a heads up every Shop is linked in the description of Today's video some of the shops have Coupon codes so go check them out and Just a little note for today's video I Do have a cold so my voice is not so Great maybe in today's video lots of tea Lots of lemon balm tea from the garden First up on my list is wabanaki maple Syrup this is authentic indigenous maple Syrup they use techniques dating back Generations to make this Barrel aged Maple syrup some flavors to choose from Include Barrel aged bourbon maple syrup Barrel-aged whiskey maple syrup Barrel-aged toasted Oak maple syrup Traditional maple syrup and Barrel aged Rum maple syrup this maple syrup is Locally made in Canada by the tobik Tribe and the company is a hundred

Percent indigenous owned and women owned And they give back to their local Indigenous Community as well as to Reforestation techniques in their area This maple syrup jar right here is in Glass and this stuff is amazing for Cooking because of the complex flavor so If you know someone who either loves Maple syrup or loves cooking this is a Good gift for them next up you may Recognize this from last year but I love Them so much they're again in the video This year Natura soy candles absolutely Amazing hand poured handcrafted small Batch really local to me and just smell Absolutely incredible I love these Candles because they're a hundred Percent free of petroleum synthetic Chemicals artificial fragrances they Don't put any of the nasty stuff in These candles and it's kind of cool Because I usually cannot tolerate Perfumes or smelly stuff or cleaners or Anything with a smell to them even Laundry detergent but with these candles Because they only have soy wax in here a Cotton wick and essential oils it's fine For me and I don't have a problem with Them I don't get nasty headaches over These so I can freely burn them in my House during the Christmas season and it Smells really great just to show you What I like I like their white pumpkin One their vanilla Maple latte one in the

Corner over there I have a smoked Vanilla an oak one but I also really Like that they all offer refills so in This refill right here is spiced Plum And this spiced Plum scent This is this is Christmas This is Christmas I absolutely love this Scent for Christmas And every year they make specific Christmas scents so they have those Coming as well these are just the ones They have all the time this is Earth Thanks and Earth thanks is locally made Here in Canada and they make amazing Eco-friendly bath products everything is Handmade eco-friendly and all their Packaging is zero waste and Biodegradable besides bath bombs they Make bath salts and amazing soap I Personally love gifting people Consumable products either food or bath Bombs they can enjoy them at their Leisure they can use it up and I Personally love bath bombs I love bath Bombs my kids love bath bombs there's Just something about bath bombs you get To enjoy there and soak in your bathtub It is one of the very few things that I Do that feels I don't know luxurious in Some way so bath bombs to me are pretty Cool speaking of what my kids like to do And Leisure Time when we have time we Play games together as a family this is Ecologies ecologies is a card game you

Can play with your kids from pre-k up to Where whenever if they become Professional ecologists they can still Play this card game it's that much fun This company believes that in order to Protect this beautiful planet we live on We must Inspire fascination with its Biodiversity so why not do that with a Card game the more people who understand And fall in love with the natural world The better the chance we have of saving It this game is rooted in science and It's strategic enough to really like Hold your attention for a long time Especially as an adult It's a game we really love I personally Would gift this game to anyone who loves Games or nature it's just a lot of fun And honestly the amount of artwork Detail in these cards It's one of the main things I love about This game it's they're absolutely Stunning so beautiful if you're familiar With magic the Gathering these cards are A bit similar and since we're talking About family time good fit puzzles is a Good way to spend some time together we Are a family that loves puzzles we love Puzzles we put them together we sit down At the big table we love puzzles and my Eldest daughter especially loves puzzles So these puzzles are actually for her For Christmas this puzzle right here is Called far out and it's designed by a

Canadian artist from BC this puzzle is Especially great for people of all ages Because it has big size pieces so really Great for families with young children And 10 of all the far out puzzle sales Go to UNICEF which is helping families In the Ukraine and this puzzle is called Mushroom boy 10 of mushroom boys sales Go towards trees for life which is Reforesting Scottish Highlands these Puzzles are a hundred percent made from Recycled materials the cardboard 100 Recycled and even the plastic that the Pieces come in a hundred percent Recycled and they use eco-friendly soy Based ink for printing this company this Small shop that makes these puzzles is a Husband and wife team that's who's Shipping to you and they're based in Denver Colorado this one is for all your Plant lovers on your list all your Gardener friends Kansas designs cancel Refers to the Simplicity or elimination Of clutter and I don't know about you But plants are definitely not clutter Kanso believes in being purposeful and Intentional with our actions the more Mindful we are about the things we buy The relationships we form the more Meaningful experiences become cancer Pots are really cool because they use Recycled byproducts in their pots they Use things like wheat husk Coffee Bean Husk bamboo fiber recycled plastic they

Make really cool pots I have to be Honest when I got these pots in for my Own plants I don't know what I was expecting but They surpassed my expectations which is Really hard to do they are such high Quality pots and they are so beautiful In person like their website doesn't do Their pots Justice at all the photos Don't go off the photos much more Beautiful in person and I just really Love the ethics of this company they are Really committed to having a circular Sort of style with how they create their Pots even reusing water that goes into Making their pots and their peanuts that Came in the packaging can be dissolved In water and they are constantly trying To become more sustainable within their Company and they don't just sell pots They sell plant stands they sell coconut Core pools that your plants can grow up Just really really cool shop go check Them out I know you're looking at me Like what is this this is a soil key It's based off a hori hori garden knife Which is a Japanese is tool for your Garden this is a soil key though this Is so well made well crafted I can saw Off a branch off a tree with this I Could dig up weeds with this I could dig A hole with this there's so much I can Do with this and it's really really Sharp really sharp this soil key is by

Rebel garden tools and I just I Accidentally found them one day and now I want to own all their garden tools for All my gardening needs because they are So well made I swear it'll probably be The last garden tools I'll ever need to Get these tools were made by our farmer Forager and citizen scientist and They're based off permaculture Principles which is very important in my Garden and they are I can't say enough Good things about these tools so well Made long lasting like seriously built To last I have never seen a garden tool That I knew would last me for decades These metal tools are made with the Highest quality materials and locally Made in Lancaster Pennsylvania so Everything the way they're manufactured Everything is in the US the wood spin is Another tool I absolutely love for them It's basically four Tools in one a fire Rake a super duty rig a wide hoe and a Narrow hoe perfect for anything you're Going to do in your garden I use rakes And hose a lot though and so the classic Garden rake they made is perfect for me All I have to do is flip it over to use The hoe part or the rake part so it's Two tools in one cannot say enough good Things about the rebel garden tools Company they are so cool honestly one of The coolest company is I have ever seen And that's saying something just really

Cool really cool you all are not gonna See this one coming but My husband is going to be happy this Year and that's that's what counts we're Really into slingshots and the slingshot Is by tops knives and what we like to do Is we like to go into the forest and we Like to pick a Target and practice on Targets and so pretty much all of us Have slingshots this slingshot is for my Husband completely American-made Completely made in the U.S American Steel right here Just really cool products they make Slingshots and they also make knives This knife is really sharp this is Actually my knife honestly I use this For a lot I am into foraging I go into The woods and I forage and this knife Works I'm in my garden I'm doing garden Stuff I need a knife in my garden this Works this is a fieldcraft 3.0 right Here I picked this just because of how I Can hold it in my hand I have smaller Hands than my husband so I needed Something just a bit smaller and I can Do so much with this knife these knives Are built to last again we rather buy Things that are long lasting than have To replace them all the time my husband Did pick this knife though and this is a Cut 40 cut 40. it is very well made he Really loves this knife he wears it Everywhere now

He just really likes this knife and Actually he did have a knife and it Broke so now he's just replacing his Broken knife with a better made knife if You are looking for a well-made knife Built to last made with Integrity made For performance made as a functional Tool check out top sniffs talking about Good long lasting quality I swear by This brand this brand is one of my Favorite Brands I Thrift their clothes I buy their clothes because they are Such good quality and I'm wearing it Right now this sweater jacket right here Is by Toad and Co you may have heard of Them before they were under a horned Toad for a long time I bought their Clothing back when they were horn toed And then they changed to tote and Co and That just sounds better to me Toad and Co uses organic cotton recycled fibers And other high quality materials known For low impact growing and clean Manufacturing Toad and Coast clothing is Designed to produce to last a long time And then they can be recycled renewed or Upcycled when they're no longer Functional so this is circular fashion In action and I should just mention here That they have partnered with so many Environmental groups like the Environmental defense center a bunch of Conservation groups just really cool I Love I love seeing that if you saw my

Video last year you'll recognize this Brand made trade made trade is a website Filled with fair trade women owned Sustainably made Products it is a One-Stop shop it is so Easy on their website it's really cool You can shop by what you're looking for So it could be vegan you shop for vegan Products it could be fair trade you shop For those woman owned shop for those Anything that you're specifically Looking for you can shop for every order From made trade is carbon neutral and Every artist every maker on their Website is paid a fair wage fair living Wages I have not had a proper purse for A very long time I've been using Backpacks and camera bags mainly I have Not had a proper purse but when I have a Purse it has to be a big like tote thing Because I carry books with me because I Read a lot I carry other stuff with me Let me know if you'd be interested in Seeing of what's in my purse sort of Video I know people make those so let me Know if you want to see that video and I'll make it my husband is actually the One who picked out this bag for me he Best tote bag slash my purse is by MZ Made it is a hundred percent made from Natural fibers it is hand dyed and is Handmade by a master Artesian in Mexico And he also got me these slippers these Are Handmade by artesians in Nepal and

They use traditional felt crafting Techniques handed down for Generations So if you have a friend or a relative or A loved one who gets really cold feet These slippers would be super helpful And now for the last item on today's List Sati Creations is a brand I've been Wearing for years I think the oldest Piece I have by them Is oh my goodness it's older than my son So it's older than eight years old at This point I'm pretty sure it has a Paint stain on it from when I do I did a Lot of canvas paintings When I had more time and so I'm pretty Sure it has canvas paint on it acrylic Paint that hasn't come off ever but I Still wear them and besides the paint They look brand new and it's kind of Cool that they look brand new because I Wear them a lot anyways my favorite item Of clothing by Sati Creations is hands Down they're cocoon jumpsuit I Practically live in this jumpsuit it's Made out of bamboo Lycra and all the Cotton items on their shop are gots Certified organic cotton Sati Creations Entire operation is a hundred percent Plastic free and they also like to make Small batches of clothing so that they Have minimal waste which is something That I believe in they believe in Quality versus quantity which is one of The things that I truly believe in buy

Quality stuff and you don't have to Replace it as much and honestly I've had Items with their clothing eight years Plus and they're still going and they Still look incredible so talk to me I Guess in another eight years and that is It for this year's sustainable gift Guide 2022. I hope you find something on This list that resonates with you that You can give to a loved one or maybe you Want a gift to yourself and again all The links to these products are in the Description and some of these shops have Coupon codes for you all so go check it Out get dirty steam magical piece by