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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video I Am talking about 10 things you can make To gift for the holidays so let's go so As with most videos about making Something it either requires a small Amount of skill or the willingness to Learn a new skill and so this video is Really no exception though I have picked Pretty easy things to make depending on Your skill level so hopefully there is Something you can make on this list so For me personally I have a few skills That I'm really really good at and so I Hone in a lot of my attention on those Skills to really strengthen them to get Better at them and then I have a few Skills that I'm pretty good at and so I Try to learn more about those skills so I do get a little bit better at them and Then I have skills that I'm really not Good at at all but I have a willingness To learn about them to get a little bit Better but before we start to today's Video please allow me to introduce the Sponsor of today's video skillshare Skillshare is an online learning Community with thousands of inspiring Classes for anyone who loves learning And wants to explore their creativity And learn new skills invest in yourself And your personal growth skillshare is The perfect place to start from drawing Classes and dying clothing naturally to

Growing plants illustration and more you Can find classes that will match your Goals and your interests for anyone Interested in beginner drawing videos I Greatly suggest easy watercolor Christmas cards and gift tags learn to Paint popular holiday elements in Watercolor by petals by Priya watercolor In the video she shows you how you can Create festive holiday cards with Holiday berries Greenery Holly and pine Mistletoe and different styles of trees She also has many classes and I very Much enjoy the ones where she paints Flowers and plants skillshare is ad-free So you can stay in the zone while you're Exploring new skills sales new premium Classes are launched each week so There's always something new to discover Their entire catalog is now available as Subtitles in Spanish French Portuguese And German the first 1 000 people to go Click my link in the description of this Video get one month free trial with Skillshare so go click that link number One grow and gift your own tea now I'm a Tea lover and I also grow things in my Garden and so I grow my own tea and I Love to gift my tea to friends and Family who love tea too so I personally Think this is an awesome gift for the Tea lover in your life because I I would Love to have someone give me their tea This is a really cool way to come up

With personalized tea combos which I Think is kind of neat so if you have Someone who loves chamomile add in some Chamomile if they really like lavender Add in a bit of lavender if they like Mint add in a bit of mint I just think This can be explored in so many Different ways you could have a holiday Tea combo just I don't know you can make Tea a lot of fun get a mason jar get a Vintage jar there are so many things you Can put tea in super super easy gift and If you haven't grown tea for this Holiday season you can grow tea for next Holiday season so this idea stays good And you can use it for the summer when You are planting out stuff number two Recipe in a jar now this is already a Semi-popular idea and so basically you Get a jar and you add in everything you Would need for that recipe that is dry And then you kind of write down the Recipe and you say oh you need you know Water for this recipe or you need you Know plant-based milk for this recipe What have you you just say that in the Recipe but everything else for the Recipe is there this is really good for Things like brownies where you already Have the cocoa and the flour and the Sugar and the baking soda and that pinch Of salt and you know whatever else goes Into brownies in that jar except for the Liquids and so the jar recipe can be

Used at any point when that person feels The urge to have some brownies but you Can also do it for things like Mug cake And you can do it for things like soup So you know if you have a garden and you Have beans from your garden that would Be great for soup you can add that in There with some dehydrated vegetables I Don't know I would do that because That's pretty easy for me to do since I Have so much dehydrated stuff but Anyways you can deal with things you buy From the grocery store as well like Lentils or beans and then you can have a Soup mix ready to go for that friend of Yours which kind of brings me to number Three on the list if you don't want to Do recipe in a jar if it's just kind of Lame and you really enjoy baking or Cooking at home give the gift of baked Goods give the gift of cookies and Holiday stuff and baked bread and stuff Like that because it just never gets old And I really personally love gifting my Cooking I love gifting my bread I love Gifting banana bread zucchini bread Chocolate chip cookie is just pretty you Know holiday cookies as well every Single year I make all my neighbors Around us holiday cookies I really don't Care if they eat them or not but I do Make them and I make them pretty with my Kids help they decorate the tops of them And because I know some of my neighbors

I can personalize the cookies to them so I can write on them I can bake them in Such a way as I know they will eat them So if they're gluten free I can make Gluten-free cookies so you can Personalize baked goods number four Clay Art now I think you can make a lot of Things with Clay you don't need a big Elaborate setup to work with Clay there Is clay out there that will dry air dry And you don't have to put in your oven You don't need a kiln you don't need Anything to play with clay and create Something so I think creating with Clay Can be a lot of fun even for adults for Your kids even if they want a gift to Their friends or to their grandparents Or to you it's just it's a lot of fun to Play with clay and on top of that I love To paint on Clay but you can paint on Canvas as well creating with art is just A lot of fun it doesn't have to be clay Again it could be paint it could be Basically anything but creating art for A loved one I think is very special and If you can like personalize it in some Way let's say they love chickens and Create some sort of chicken art for them I'm sure they'll love it but I really Just want to emphasize this right now I Think when creating art or creating Baked goods or even recipes in a mug all That stuff should be personalized I Really believe in personalizing your

Gifts you have to think about the person Receiving them otherwise you are just Mass producing something for a bunch of People and that's okay too that can be Totally okay but if you are gifting to a Loved one or a dear close friend try to Personalize that art or that baked good In some way that they'll love it and Know that you are thinking about them Anyways I just think that's really Important to note there to personalize Items in some way that doesn't mean Putting their name on it it means Thinking about the person and what they Like which brings me to number five Creating art can also mean creating Ornaments or garlands or other holiday Crafts with the loved ones in your life You can make them special you can Personalize them for example think about What your loved one really likes and Let's say they like chickens you can Make holiday Christmas chickens or Yule Chickens or if they're into gardening You can take that and make it special in Some sort of holiday way you know Unicorns holiday unicorns you can just Keep going with it speaking of gifts for Gardeners though number six I love doing This I love creating native flower seed Bombs and basically this is great for Gorilla gardening but it's also great For the loved ones in your life if they Want to throw something in a spot where

They can have some native wildflowers And so it's great for your environment It doesn't take a lot of stuff to make These I get a bit of compost a bit of Rich soil I get some potting mix and I Get some water and some native flower Seeds and I basically smush things in Together to make balls and then I let The balls dry and they will dry and These are perfect to launch into Someone's yard these are perfect to Launch into you know a friend's yard These are perfect to gift like Personally gift them without throwing at Someone some nice native flower seed Balls these are great to make with kids Especially I find my kids love making These you can also make native flower Seed balls or seed bombs with paper There's a special way of doing it I will Show you in one of my videos eventually But there are actually many ways to make These really cool native flower seed Bombs they're fantastic for the Environment they decompose really cool Stuff which brings me to number seven Grow a plant for a loved one now this Could be as simple as growing them some Herbs for their Garden this could be Growing them some Rosemary it could be Growing a sunflower in December that's Blooming when you give it to them I just Find it a lot of fun to grow Personalized plants like that so if I

Know someone really likes peppers I can Start a few months before December and Give them a pepper plant in a pot ready To go they can stay in their house yes This does take a certain level of skill To do but once you acquire the skill of Growing things it's a lot of fun to grow Plants for other people which brings me To number eight and a skill I don't know How to do but I'm learning knitting knit A pair of socks a hat a scarf a sweater If you know how to knit or can learn how To knit you can knit anyone anything or Yourself even last year my eldest Daughter decides she wanted to learn how To knit she wanted to knit a hat so I Got supplies and I sat down to teach us How to knit because I had never knit Before and I learned how to do it I do Have like a pretty good understanding of How to knit now I can't knit everything But I understand how to do it now it was A little bit complicated for her she Wanted to take a break so we are going To pick that back up this winter and try To learn how to knit properly or at Least if she quits I will learn how to Knit properly I guess there are a lot of People who know how to knit out there There are knitting circles I'm pretty Sure a lot of people could learn how to Knit if they tried and wanted to pick up The skill I'm trying which brings me to number

Nine and another skill I want to learn How to do and how the supplies to do Because I want to teach myself I want to Learn how to carve Wooden Spoons now my Husband is really wary about me doing This because he thinks I'm accident Prone I am not accident prone I just Have things happen to me and it is not My fault really I am not accident prone Just things happen when I am doing Things that have nothing to do with me Being there it just things happen when I Happen to be doing things in that moment Of time but it has it really has nothing To do with me doing it If you know what I mean anyways I want To learn how to carve Wooden Spoons Because I think they're really pretty And I think it would be a valuable skill Asset because I go foraging quite a bit And sometimes I find some beautiful Branches And they're not rotten so why not use Them with wooden spoon carving I know That you can only use certain types of Wood they can't be rotten they have to Be certain types or you can't use them In your cooking you have to you know be Careful while doing it but you know if You can be careful and not accident Prone I think it can be accomplished Learning how to carve Wooden Spoons and So I want to do that eventually but Lastly number 10 I'm going to finish

With a super super easy one bath salts All you really need to do is get some Epsom salt and then you need to get some Herbs from your garden that you've dried And then you you know put that in a jar And Shake It Up and boom you got some Really nice smelling bath salts Depending on what you put in it I really Suggest putting lavender and things like That in it because it makes it smell Really nice it's really really nice for A nighttime soak in your bath and other People appreciate that sometimes or at Least I do so I don't know super easy Gift to give I'll just finish it with That one and that is it for today's Video I hope today's video helped you in Some way maybe get an idea of something You could create in a personalized way For a loved one in your life and if you Are looking to learn new skills this Holiday season go click the link in the Description and check out one month free Of skillshare go click that link happy Holidays everyone get dirty stay magical Piece bye