🌱My Top 12 Favorite Edible Plants To Grow! 👩‍🌾

Are You Composting Everything You Can?

Composting is a fun and rewarding activity that allows you to recycle your green waste and help the environment at the same time. Find out what you can add to your compost pile, you might be surprised!

Family Recycling – It Is Fun And Educational

If we want to leave the earth in better shape than we found it, then we need to teach the next generation how to take care of it. Make recycling a family affair and soon it will become a way of life!

Things You Should Know About Renewable Sustainable Energy

The search for renewable sustainable energy sources has been ongoing for a long time. There are many reasons why we must find a way to break our dependence on more traditional forms of energy like oil and coal, which we are dependent on the moment.

Understanding Solar Renewable Energy

In today’s economy, nothing is more commonly discussed than solar renewable energy. But, few people know that solar energy can come in a number of forms. Obviously, the energy from the sun never changes, but how we harness that energy and turn it into a form of electricity or heat does.

The Basics of Solar Panels Installation

The easiest way to reduce your electricity bill with renewable energy is to tap into the limitless potential of solar energy. However, solar panels installation can be a frustrating, costly exercise if you’re not careful. To help you avoid your solar upgrade becoming a major problem for your family, here are some installation and preparation tips.

Helpful Tips To Setting Up Solar Electric Fences

The solar electric fence is great to use when trying to keep your livestock inside of your grounds. Learn how to install them and how they work.

An Effortless Top 10 List for Going Green!

Easy tips for “Going Green” that are simple for anyone! Becoming green doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it can get your creative juices flowing.

It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Solar Power Anymore

Harnessing solar power has been used for a very long time. From the time of the ancient Greeks solar power played a part of their daily lives. Solar energy has also been used for cooking and in 1767 the first solar cooker was used. In today’s world there is far more desire to develop new ways of using the sun’s energy for power generation and heating.

Ingenuity Trumps Disaster – Rebuilding the Lower Ninth Ward

In August 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and devastated the entire area, collapsing levees, and flooding large portions of the city. Brad Pitt toured the area two years after the disaster and found the governments had done nothing to help the people of the lower ninth ward. He took it upon himself to establish the Make It Right Foundation. The goal was to build 150 high-quality, high-performance homes for the people of the area to come home to.

DIY Wind Turbine Power System Can Be Your Primary Power Source

Wind turbines have been improving a lot lately and can be a very good source of green energy for your home. To get the best results from a wind turbine system you need at least 1/2 acre of unobstructed land and an average wind speed of 10 mph or higher.

Solar Panels – Are They Worth the Money?

There are several factors that effect the cost of the system. How many panels are needed? Will a contractor be used? Is this going to be a DIY project? Are there rebates or tax credits available? Return on investment is still another consideration; how long will it take to recoup the investment? These are all relevant questions that should be answered before starting the project.

Getting The Best Out Of Solar Panels

Buying the best product would not do you any good if you do not know how to use it. Same goes for the purchasing of solar panels. People are thronging to the vendors of solar panels to get the best options to use these solar panels to lessen the costs of their various bills, be it electricity or heating or anything else.

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