🌱 I have way too many seeds + Haul 😂

A seed haul video where I show what I’ll be planting this year in Ontario, Canada, and what my garden plans look like! I also show how I store my seeds, because seed storage is important!
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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video It's a sea tall video so let's see the Seeds I hauled let's go so I got one of My packages here and yes you did hear me Write one of my packages I still have More seats coming but this is one of the Packages that came and it's the biggest Box of seeds that I hauled so we're Gonna go through this so just getting Into it I just want to show you how I Store my seeds it's a pretty popular Method that other people use as well so You have probably seen this on social Media or in someone else's videos I'll Show you what I do I use these big Organizer photo cases and so basically You have this big case and then you open It up like this and so you have these Individual storage containers in the big Storage container and these were meant For photos to keep them safe but I use Them for seeds so I have two of these Contained cleaners and honestly I Probably need about two more I store Seeds I save seeds and I share seeds With other people the seeds are so Packed in there I do have a lot of seeds I mainly love to save native species Seeds so I have a lot of native species In my backyard I save the seeds from Them I share the seeds from them I trade With other people and I think it's Really important to save those seeds but

I also love to save seeds from other People that have stories attached to Them so I really love knowing where Seeds originated from if you know Someone's grandmother or Great-grandmother kept them and handed Them down through the generations of the Family I think seeds are really Important and I have seeds that have Stories with them and I just find it so Fascinating the stories that come with These seeds and some of the stories are Really simple they don't have to be About a great grandmother who came on The boat out and brought these seeds With her it can be as simple as starting Stories with your seeds in your own Backyard for example I have stories that Go along with my lemon cucumber seeds I Have been growing these lemon cucumbers Now for five years it's been five years Of me saving seeds and growing the Cucumbers I have stories that go along With those cucumber seeds now whenever I Trade them so my point is you can create Stories that go along with your seeds Even though they were initially Store-bought you can create stories so I Like to save seeds I like to share seeds I like to trade seeds I like seeds with Stories but I also buy seeds that are Really hard for me to find and so Getting into what's in this box I buy Seeds every year from West Coast Seeds

They are my go-to seed place they are Based here in Canada in British Columbia They have amazing organic seeds I love Their seeds I love what they do as a Company they're just really genuine They're authentic I love what they do Really transparent so they're my go-to For seeds this video is not sponsored by West Coast seats though I just really Like their seeds they're the seeds I buy I just really really like them but I do Have an affiliate Link in the Description of this video with West Coast Seeds so if you use that link to Place an order with them it helps Support my family and I use that money To buy more seeds from West Coast Seeds So getting into it I got three different Types of corn this year I got golden Bantam which is an heirloom corn seed And it's super super sweet and so I'm Hoping to plant these either this year Or next year I have to see how much Space I have because corn takes up a lot Of space I also got these two types of Corn glass gym and pink popcorn both are Used for popping and both are used for Flowers so they make a really good Storage corn and so I got these two just For that I did not not go overboard with Choosing Tomatoes this year I only got Two which is really good for me because I have quite a collection of tomatoes at This point I have this thing that I do

Where I really get into one vegetable And then I want to find out as much About that vegetable as possible and get All the really cool varieties especially The hard to find varieties and so I will Spend my precious extra time where it's Like down time for most people so in bed At night when you're just chilling I'm I'm researching tomato varieties or I'm Researching some other vegetable variety And just really trying to find hard to Find varieties and so that's what I do With my spare time so anyway two only Two Tomatoes this year because I have Enough tomatoes and enough Peppers too So this year I got Prudence purple and Medusa that is it those are the two Tomatoes I have bought this year and Prudence purple is supposed to have a Really good rich flavor as is Medusa Medusa though has good disease Resistance and is not into cracking or Cat facing or any of that and it has Heirloom-like appearance so I'm really Interested in both of these because of The flavor I hear really good things About these two tomatoes and flavor and When it comes down to choosing really Good tomato varieties or even starting Collection it's all about Flavor with me Appearance wise with tomatoes I can be Like okay that looks like a really cool Tomato but what really pulls me in is When someone says it has interesting

Flavor if it tastes kind of like a Pineapple if it has Rich complex flavor I'm really into that I'm not into you Know this tomato is really low acid or It's really high acid or it looks really Cool mainly for me it's about different Flavors this year I got three different Types of squash I got acorn squash which Is called table Queen this is an Heirloom that showed up around 1913 so It has history to it which I really Really like it is supposed to be really Prolific so a lot of acorn squashes and It's supposed to have good storage Capabilities and so when it comes to Food and preserving it I really do look For food that I can store in some ways And this variety is supposed to be Pretty early 85 days and even though I Have a large growing season where I'm at I do like growing things that are early Here I also got Rouge Viv de Tamp it is A beautiful French heirloom sort of Pumpkin it is kind of flat and kind of Wide and I'll put a picture right here Of it from the website it is absolutely Beautiful it showed up in French markets In the 1880s and so it does have a History to it even though I don't have a Story to go along with it and I do love That I got some butternut squash because Butternuts are my favorite squash hands Down though I'm open for that to be Disputed so that's why I try other

Varieties and so this variety is called Victory it is a very short season squash And so that's why I bought it I like Short season squashes even though I have A long season I love watermelons and Every single year I grow a different Variety this year I'm growing sugar Babies love sugar babies they're an Excellent heirloom watermelon excited For these next up I'm growing more of my Favorite beet I love Touchstone gold Beets I've done a comparison in past Videos of different types of beets I've Shown a lot of pictures over on my Instagram but Touchstone gold beads are Absolutely amazing if you do not like Beets if you don't like the earthy Flavor of beets I really like the earthy Flavor of beets but these ones have less Of an earthy flavor and more of a sweet Flavor and I definitely oh these beets Are so good it I definitely recommend You try Touchstone gold beets just so Good I'm really excited this year to try Alaska shelling Peas I have heard so Many good things about these peas Basically though I'm growing these to Save the seeds so I'm going to leave Them on the vine for 80 days and then When you save those seeds you can also Use them as soup peas so they're not Just good for fresh eating which we'll Definitely do as well only takes 55 days Or 50 days or so to produce the peas on

The vine so it's super quick as a pea But I'm going to save some for soup Carrots are so hard to grow and honestly The only method that has recently worked Well for me is the plywood method or the Tarping method basically you plant the Carrots you water them down and then you Throw something on top of them to retain Moisture in the ground otherwise they Will just not germinate properly and They are so kind of thick goal I find Where I live it is dry a lot so I find It a little bit difficult to grow Carrots here but anyways we are going to Do it again these are scarlet naunt These are an excellent Workhorse carrot Variety and so these have been grown in North America for at least 50 years they Are supposed to be excellent in flavor And excellent storage Keepers I am Excited to try these I'm hoping they Will grow well here I guess I'm going to Have to keep my ground really moist for This I have not fallen in love of a Variety of leek yet so this year I'm Trying Bandit leaks Bandit is supposed To be very very cold hardy in terms of a Leak so I'm excited to try this one the Last leek variety I used was not Bandit I don't remember the name of it but it Did not do so well in the cold so by December january-ish my leaks were just Done and I thought my leaks were gonna Keep going especially because it's not

Super cold so the ones I still have in The ground are done they just completely Rotted in the ground even though they Were supposed to keep going so trying This cold hardy variety it's supposed to Be good we'll see kelsa onions I'm super Excited to try they are ginormous onions They're supposed to be huge onions good For storage good for keeping originated In Scotland and heirloom super excited For these after really good I will be Saving seeds moving along I got three Different varieties of herbs I love Lemon balm I keep growing it I do not Have enough of it even though itself Seeds itself so I got a lot more lemon Balm and what I do with lemon balm is I Will pick it and I will dry it and I Will use it for tea so most of the Winter I will drink lemon balm tea Except I ran out this year so I need More lemon balm again I eat a lot of Chives as does my family and I will go And pick it throughout the year and dry It and use it in my kitchen but we Cannot get enough chives I love chives And everything chives and soup chives And you name it chives go well in it Except pancakes don't put chives and Pancakes but everything else chives are Good in so I will be growing more chives And lastly for herbs I love catnip so Again I will pick and dry this for tea For the winter months such a good herb

To have smells amazing you don't have to Be a cat to like catnip next up I have Some native varieties here I have Knotting Wild Onion I have wild Bergamot And I have self heal plant and all of These are really really neat plants you Can eat all of these so that's why I Have them here you can eat them all so Knotting wild onions once they take off Basically are like small kind of like Spray onions but a little bit smaller But they taste a lot better in my Opinion plus they're beautiful beautiful Flowers are great for Native bees and Basically native insects in general so I'm planting those I love wild Bergamot It is amazing I tend not to pick it even Though it is good in tea I don't pick it Because I want the insects to have it But maybe if I get a bit extra I'll pick It and have tea with it because it's Supposed to be a good tea and lastly Self-heal again have beautiful flowers For the insects but you can use the Plant to make a salve because I make a Lot of savs and they can help basically Heal your skin it's a healing calming Bomb is what I make and lastly for this Haul I have a bunch of flowers here I Got a money plant money plants do tend To be invasive so if you grow it Definitely pick all the stems before it Goes to seed and those seeds get Everywhere definitely one to take note

Of if you're gonna grow it so I'm gonna Keep this one in check because I'm I'm Growing it because I want to bring the Beautiful basically seed clusters in the House next up we have butterfly bush Here it is not the same butterfly bush As other butterfly bushes there's two Different types I find the other one is Basically a bush with very very long Bows purple or white or pink flowers This is more or less a perennial Milkweed it does really really well in Droughts it is supposed to be good here Because we're very droughty here we it Gets very very dry it gets very dry and Hot where I am so this should do well Here the bees love it I grow sunflowers Every single year and this year I'm more Focused on preserving the seeds so I Always save the seeds but this year I Want to actually eat the seeds and so I Got these Tayo sunflowers they Originated in Japan and they are Supposed to be good for snacking and Again they're an heirloom and I got Purple coneflowers otherwise known as Echinacea I grow a lot echinacea but I Needed more seeds because I harvested a Lot of the flowers as venison so I Needed to play ketchup and grow more of It so that's what I'm doing this year And lastly I got these poppies because I Like to save poppy seeds for baking and I wanted to try this variety it's called

Gigantham it is supposed to be really Super big and so I really love poppy Flowers in general they're so beautiful So the bigger the poppy flower I figure The better it's going to be pretty and That is it for today's video those are a Few of the seeds that I'll be planting In my garden this year super excited for The spring to come and I have already Started planting seeds indoors getting Ready Super excited get dirty stay magical Piece bye