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The Cost of Installing Solar Panels

Many people are aware of the benefits of Solar energy, the only thing that puts them off is the solar panel cost. What people don’t realise is that the initial outlay is returned in savings multiple times over in the course of the systems life.

Some Tips In Building A Green Home

If you are thinking of joining the advocacy of going green, what better way to do it than to start building a green home. You will need to follow certain environmental practices in building a green home – such as those that help lessen (negative) effects on the environment.

Top Reasons Why You Should Compost

“Ewwwww….compost? yuck!”..That is some of the natural responses when asked about composting. Often people would say why compost when there are a lot of other better alternatives out there ready to be used.

Wind Powers Most Of My House

The only true basic natural energy source on this planet has been and always will be Nuclear. From the wind power mills to the Grand Coulee Dam, from the Gas you put in your car to your solar powered watch, it’s all Nuclear. Now doesn’t that give you a warm glowing feeling!

Energize My Home With Solar and Wind Energy

Our home is one of our most beautiful and prized possessions. We always try to make our home the best place to live in.

Build Solar Panels With No Hassles

With all the talk about how oil prices (and therefore electric bills) are going to go back up when the economy comes back, it made me wonder why more people aren’t installing their own solar panels in order to get “off the grid” and save money on their electric bills. Building a solar panel sounds like a daunting task. Since you can’t just pop into the corner Walgreen’s and pick up some panels to power your home, most people think that only highly trained engineers can install panels, much less build them.

Caution – Do You Know the Dangers That Could Be Coming Out of Your Carpet Steam Cleaner

In a time when toxic chemical cleaners proliferate the news, carpet steam cleaner shampoos are not going unnoticed. There are some compounds in these cleaners that can be some of the most toxic. But, rest assured there are some environmentally safe, health conscious alternatives.

Killer Tips on Going Green!

This article is a compilation of tips on going green. The tips on going green are especially selected to save the person who carries them out money. Everyone should be aware of these tips on going green because of the positive affect it would have on the planet. It is both of these elements: saving money and helping the environment that lead me to promote these tips on going green.

Are the New Windmill Generators Anything at All Like the Beautiful Old Ones We See on TV?

Wondering just what windmill generators are and how they work? Well, first you need to understand a little how electricity is generated. Electricity doesn’t care how it is generated, but you sure should!

A Simple Plan Guaranteed To Save You Money As You Go Green

In January many people have made resolutions for the New Year. And many will fail to achieve them. I don’t want that to happen to you this year, so I want to give you a simple way to virtually guarantee that you will make meaningful progress in achieving your resolutions, using a resolution for going green and saving money a an example.

Solar Products – Their Utility and Their Advantage

With the use of solar products you can simply cut down the power bills and ensure unhindered and cost free power supply to your home. These products are seeing their usage at a variety of places can be used to at our homes or offices.

What Does “Green” Cleaning Mean?

As we are becoming more aware of the deleterious health and environmental effects caused by many of the modern chemical substances, more and more individuals are turning to “green” products. But what exactly are “green” products and how do they differ from “natural”, “organic”, and “non-toxic” products?

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